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IPremier Co A Denial Of Service Attack Case Solution

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iPremier is a Seattle based company which was originated by two students of Swathmore College in 1996. It became a huge success in web-based commerce, rare, selling luxury and vintage goods. Flexible return policies helped iPremier to gain competitive advantage. iPremier targeted high end customers; therefore, credit limits was not an issue. iPremier had a contract with Qdata which provided computer equipments and internet connectivity. Other services provided by Qdata included basic floor space, environmental control, power and physical security. However, iPremier was faced with a problem related to its web servers. 

Case Analysis for IPremier Co A Denial Of Service Attack Case Solution

A denial-of-service attack was conducted by a few unknown hackers. It was a serious problem for iPremier because its data base kept all the information of its customers related to their credit card. If a hacker had gained access to iPremier’s system, the business would have collapsed in no time. Furthermore, iPremier’s reputation would have been adversely affected. Denial of service attach could have long lasting implications on iPremier. For instance, customers might have a hard time accessing the website. iPremier could have used several mitigating strategies depending upon the frequency, scope, damages, costs and security spending to over the attack of denial of service. In general, iPremier could have systems involved and networks engineered to react to a Denial of Service attack through the following:

  • Absorbing the attack, which means that iPremier could have installed additional capacity to overcome the attack. However, this would have increased the resource cost due to excess capacity even if there was no attack.

  • Degrading services was another option to iPremier. This involves designing applications and network in a manner that unnecessary services could be downgraded to keep the critical services up and running.

  • Finally, it was possible to shut down the services completely till the attack had passed. However, this was definitely not an optimal solution for iPremier.

Apart from the precautions mentioned above, iPremier has many other possibilities, to avoid denial of service attack in future such as commercial activities, protocol development and research.

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