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Online Marketing at Big Skinny Case Solution

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The first option that Kiril can pursue is the sponsored search. Pursuing sponsored search presents many advantages. Firstly, Kiril can purchase the words that represent’s the brand essence i.e. thin wallet. The more words, which are near to brand essence, are purchased more the internet surfers trying to find a specific wallet will be diverted towards its site. One of the other advantages presented by the sponsored search is that it will be paid on per click basis. In other words, the company can save and get a fair idea of how many users are attracted towards the site. From Exhibit 4, one can see that the probability of getting clicked is quite high and these words related to the essence of brands are visited quite frequently.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. What should Kiril focus on next? What should be his lowest priority? Why?

  2. Evaluate Big Skinny's sponsored search strategy. Are there any search keywords for which you would encourage Big Skinny to increase its bid? To lower its bid?

  3. How effectively is Big Skinny using social media to sell its wallets?

  4. Should Big Skinny expand its partnerships with online distributors?

Online Marketing at Big Skinny Case Analysis

Other than this, they can run strong social media campaign. It is present on social media, but is not able to attract a wide range of fans. Moreover, it should use online distributors as it increases the probability of getting attention and eventual buy out. On the other hand, one would say, Algorithmic search and Display Ads are the lowest priority to pursue because first one never ensures citing of the site and search engine can change position depending on many factors. The prior one is not feasible because of increasing clutter and ability to be skipped easily. Usually because of the clutter, the recall of advertisements has decreased significantly. Moreover, there is an intense competition and higher costs associated with getting display Ads.

Evaluate Big Skinny's sponsored search strategy. Are there any search keywords for which you would encourage Big Skinny to increase its bid, to lower its bid?

As stated before, sponsored search is one of the most attractive options for Kiril to pursue. There are many reasons for sponsored search as an attractive option. Firstly, Big Skinny has a website, and it needs visitors, and then Big Skinny wants to convert these visitors to buyers. If one looks into Exhibit 4, one can observe that by buying words that are actually essence of the brand, the probability of being visited has increased. The word “Thin wallets” got clicked 387 times, and other words close to this world got click in descending order. Addition to increased chances of increasing visits, the payment rate, is quite logical to be pursued. With sponsored search, advertisers have to pay the search engines only when they are clicked upon. This provides an option to get a clear idea of the number of visitors and also saves on the cost of advertising.

Yes, there are few words that are actually essence of the brand such as thin wallets, thin wallet, and thinnest wallets. These words are closely associated with the essence of the brand. These associations with Big Skinny are of utmost importance as it will create a category within the minds of consumers. Stronger the association is, strong is the recall. This strategy is usually for the long term, and it helps to build on the brand.

It can lower its bid for words that are not essence of the brand. Addition to that, words that have lowest click rates should be provided with lowest bids or infect these words should not be considered in the bids.  As foresaid, the words that represent brand essence are more important as they will communicate the brand message.

How effectively is Big Skinny using social media to sell its wallets?

Social media campaigns are usually very effective if they are used well. However, the Exhibit 6 represents broken hearted efforts from Big Skinny, with very few fans who like the page and even fewer are the followers. It appears that the posts are not made frequently and this page lacks the fact of being getting updated with slower response time to fan’s queries. Social networks represent a wide range of target audiences, which can actually turn into customers. Just making a Facebook page is not sufficient enough to win customers. One would suggest getting the paid page on Facebook to increase fan’s database. Reason for a paid page is that it appears as an advertisement to others who can actually follow the page. Moreover, as per the Facebook policies, the unpaid page is visible to a small percent of people from that database. On the other hand, the paid page is visible to most of the fans. Addition to that, frequent updates should be made to keep users engaged. Big Skinny should post images, videos testimonials to get fans engaged, make them like the post, and make them share the posts. This will increase the database, getting less than 1000 followers out of billions of users represents a pathetic effort in term of social media campaign. Other way round, the theoretical efforts are good, but it’s important to make them real. The blogs should also be updated properly, with constant updates and ensuring usage of words for sponsored searches to be successful.

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