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Check out some of the most famous case study solutions:

Estimating Walmarts Cost Of Capital Case Solution

The weight of debt and equity is calculated using the book value of both. However, the market value of debt and equity are also disclosed in the calculations. However, the book values are preferred to determine the rates since historical values focus on the capital structure of the company whereby target capital ...

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Southwest Airlines In A Different World Case Solution

The decision of acquiring the slots is yet under consideration, and one has to present argument of conformity and viability of this acquisition as per the core values of the organization. If one observes the core values of the organization they are aligned to being more customers oriented. The heart of their ...

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Fitbit The Business About Wrist Case Solution

The case is about Fitbit, which is a company that makes fitness tracking devices that fall under the wearables segment. The company was doing well until Apple launched its smart watches. Apple now stands 2nd in terms of market share. Fitbit has spent too much time and money on technical innovations. However, ...

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Merton Truck Co Case Solution

Merton Truck Company, located in Michigan, produced two specialized truck models; Model 101 and Model 102. In 1988, the president of Merton was concerned about the company’s financial performance over the six months. He believed that the optimal product mix could be improved to increase profit if the capacity of ...

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Wilkerson Company Case Solution

Wilkerson Company, a supplier of products to manufacturers of water purification equipment, is facing an apprehension because competitors had been reducing prices on one of the company’s main product line, pumps. In order to address this situation, the president of Wilkerson Company, Robert Parker was discussing operating results of the ...

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Blaine Kitchenware Case Solution

Blaine kitchenware has maintained a consistent dividend per share in the past few years, which is usually a good indicator. However, the company has also issued a substantial amount of shares in the past three years in order to fund its acquisitions. Unfortunately, the company is holding a substantial amount of cash, ...

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What is a Case Study Solution?

Case study solution refers to the solution of the in-depth answer to the problem presented in the case study paper/assignment. The main objective of a case study solution is to analyze a business situation presented in the case and reach a logical solution or recommend one based on your research work and understanding. Case study solutions are real-life examples and scenarios that can help students learn practical business management. These solutions can show how different students react to different situations and given cases. Case study solutions are also one of the richest sources for teaching students how to manage business problems and to learn from the failures and journeys of other well-reputed companies.


What is a Case Study?

A case study is a research technique that is based on a single case. You can find different types of cases related to different subjects and disciplines, including political, sociological, clinical, business, education, and even administrative sciences. It typically doesn’t include a population or a sample to study; rather, all of the research work and analysis is based on a single scenario. The purpose of a case study is to discover ideas, promote trials, and perfect analysis skills. Case studies can also be based on an in-depth investigation of a single person, group, event, or decision. Typically, a case study involves gathering extensive data through various methods such as interviews, observations, surveys, and hidden records. Researchers then analyze this data to understand the underlying factors and outcomes associated with the subject of the study.

Case studies are often used to:

  • Explore complex strategies
  • Provide detailed insights
  • Generate hypotheses
  • Illustrate principles

Case studies today are one of the most valuable tools in both research and the education field.


Download Solved Case Studies with Answers

Are you looking for help with a case study assignment? If yes, then you simply need to explore the prewritten cases uploaded to our library. There is a very good chance that you will find the help you are looking for. Against a small fee, you can download the complete case study solution you want from our library. You can also place an order if you want case professors to write a case study solution for you from scratch. You can place a direct order or get in touch with our support team.

How to Solve a Case Study?

The following are the steps you need to follow to solve a case study:

Read and Examine the Case Study in Detail

To solve a case study, you need to first go through the details of the cases. Reading the case multiple times is important as it would help you understand what is happening and what is required in the solution. You need to pay attention to the important information, facts, figures, tables, and issues highlighted.

State the Central Issues

Once you have thoroughly read and understood the case, the next step is to simply define the problem which you need to address in the solution. There can be a single problem, or there can be multiple issues that you might need to address. The central issues would generally be the problems an organization is facing. This can be a decrease in sales, market shares and an increase in local/global competition.

Gather Information and Data

Once the problems and central issues have been identified, you need to collect data and information that would help you address the problem. You can collect data from the given case draft, or you can also collect information from other relevant sources, such as online or from books. The information should be gathered in the following manner:

  • Take a Brief Introduction: You need to start with collecting information and getting a brief introduction about the organization for which the case is being published. This would help you understand the background, deep-rooted problems, and other related issues.
  • Understand the Organizational Goal: Next, you have to understand the goals set by the company. Many companies, especially those that are popular in the market, often change their goals according to the increase in their customer base, profit margins, and other factors. To solve a case, you need to understand the set organizational goals.
  • Research Different Aspects of the Organization: The next step is to collect data on the competitive advantage enjoyed by the company, core competency, and others
  • List Our Constraints: You need to find and list all major problems faced by the company, including but not exclusive to finance availability, strong competition, personal limitations, political pressure, or any legal/social/environmental constraints that might have caused the problem.
  • Identify and Evaluate Relevant Alternatives Now that you know about the constraints, you need to identify alternative solutions. The alternatives must be evaluated on merit and should be compared to judge their sustainability.
  • Select the Best Alternative: Based on the alternatives you have listed; you need to choose the best ones for your case solution. By using facts, figures, and important data, you need to back up your alternative solution.
  • Develop an Implementation Plan: The last step is to develop a plan to implement the solution so that the company can use it to address the problem.

If you find this process to be difficult, which it really is, it is best to order case study assignment help from Case Professors!

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