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CaseProfessors is a platform where students can get their academic assignments completed by hundreds of expert writers, who can assist and/or work on complete coursework.

There are a number of reasons why students find our services convenient!
Unrivalled Expertise: Our writers go through a strict procedure of hiring process through which we determine and keep the best to ensure a high level of professionalism and trustworthiness. Authenticity in Work: We assure you the order we complete will be of superior quality and contain genuineness. All the delivered work is free of plagiarism and grammatical errors. We Care About Privacy: There is no need to worry because the information you enter in our website remains in the servers. It will only be used to contact you, and no third party will be able to access that data.
Writers for All Stages: We have several expert writers who hold proficiency in their area of subjects, so we select a writer for your job based on relevancy. Direct Connection through Portal: You can have a conversation with the writer when you have placed an order through the portal. It enables you to clarify your instructions or any attached guidelines.

CaseProfessors is 100% legal. It only facilitates students by providing them with research work, assistance in assignments, and readymade solutions. It enables students to improve their essay writing style and helps them in case studies as well.

CaseProfessors is a convenient and reliable method to get your task completed before the deadline. It is essential to provide us with proper details (the day instructor assigns you the assignment), so we can begin working on it. You can simply start utilizing our services by clicking the order button, fill in the details and we will create an account for you, where you will be assigned an ID and keep track of your paper.
The information you add during the ordering process, make sure it doesn’t contain any errors or false information because that is the course our writer will be working on. If there is anything wrong in the instructions, you must submit a request right away. If you have placed an order with correct information, then you can enjoy your evenings as you usually do and let our writers work on your task.
You will receive an e-mail from us when the assigned paper is completed. The deadline you provide is estimated, and we can deliver you the work either earlier, on time, or it can get delayed a little.

The content on our site, like readymade solutions contains material ready to be downloaded. Also, you can ask for custom writing services in which we strictly follow your instructions and begin working on it from scratch. You can make an addition of notes related to that assignment and format described by your teacher to enable our writers better comprehend and follow the structure.

All of our writers are experts in their subjects as they hold PhDs and Masters Degree. If they copy any material from the web, it falls under the category of plagiarism, and we do not tolerate that. As our writers belong to all branches of knowledge, we carefully assign, after reading your requirements. All the completed work is checked through our Plagiarism Detecting program and Grammar checker tool to ensure the produced content is one of a kind. These tools thoroughly examine and search for plagiarism in our databases plus online servers. We care about your grade, which is why we make sure the work we provide you with contains high-quality material and uniqueness.

Caseprofessors is a hundred percent legit website. We provide professional assistance and expert notes purely for guidance purposes and always discourage any misuse of our professional help.

Our writers are working at their best and make an effort to deliver you the work on time. But please bear in mind that they are working on several assignments and if your paper is lengthy then our writer might require some extra time and cross your deadline. In which case, you can contact the support or the writer and ask how long it will take. It will be a good idea to contact us before the deadline comes near to make sure all the instructions are being followed.

You will receive a link from where you can download the material in an E-mail, and same is the case with readymade solutions. You can also log in to your account on and download the paper from the portal.

There’s no need to worry; sometimes long papers do take extra time and its mentioned in the ordering phases that the deadline you give us is an estimated time. If for some reason, our writer completely fails to deliver the work, then you can contact support and ask for a full refund.

You can contact the support for this reason and tell them you have added misleading information in the instruction sections and change it. If the information you are providing is not relevant to the instruction or file that contains guidelines, then it won’t be altered. It is essential to look for any errors before making the order and make any required amendments before filling the order form.

Our team contains expert writers and editors who are ready to work on any assignment. All of them have gone through an exam that needs to be passed to qualify for joining our team. Our team of quality checkers carefully goes through their written tasks and assess whether they qualify for becoming a part of our team or not, on the basis of their performance. If writers qualify or pass the tests, then our quality assurance agents assign them a few tasks to check the nature of their work. In the beginning, these projects are small and straightforward, which slowly progress to larger ones; this is where we know the person is worth working with or not.

Yes, this is why where our portal comes in, you can sign-in to your account contact support or chat with your writer directly. This facilitates the students and our writers to provide proper assistance because it becomes difficult to work on paper with fewer instructions and can also take more time due to research work.

Yes, you can share the files regarding your submitted guidelines and assist the writer in adding a proper formation to the paper. It is better if you attach all the files that contain lectures, instructions, sources etc. during the ordering procedure. It will help us in several ways, and our writer can perform better with all those resources.

No, because we have a team that decides which writer fits your subject and can handle your task accurately according to your requirements. The reason is we care about your class performance and want it to become better, which is why we find the most suitable writer after going through your added guidelines.

Our writers want to give you their best performance and wish to work on your assignments after producing the best frame in mind. We know how structure and quality affect your grades; therefore, the writers utilize their experience and skills in providing you with the best outcome. Even before delivering you the final paper, the project goes through two different tests. One check for plagiarism and the other looks for grammatical errors. If found, the article is sent back to the writer to make any further corrections. Also, make sure you give all the details and be precise in your instructions, the better your guidelines, the better will be the quality.

Well, we do not promise you that because our papers must only be used for research and learning purposes and not for submitting as your piece of work. One thing we can, however, assure that the writer will give your paper his/her best and follow your instructions accurately and provide you with quality content.

If you think the writer didn’t perform well or the paper contains plagiarism and/or grammatical errors. You can contact our support and submit the article for revision. It will enable us to look into the matter and see if the provided instructions were followed accordingly. You get a total of three free revisions in the course of one month. If you try to submit the paper for review after that duration, it will be treated as a new order, and extra charges will be required to be uploaded. We want you satisfied at any cost, which is why we are giving you three revisions for free and a time of one month.

Our site contains readymade solutions to your papers, and we also provide custom services. The readymade solutions are utilized in completing your research work and can also be put to use for learning purposes, but custom papers are 100% authentic and contain plagiarism free text. The reason is writers follow instructions and apply their knowledge on the essay creating uniqueness in the article. Also, you can run the papers through plagiarism finding tools and check for yourself. You will know that no section or sentence of the report is taken from the web or our database.

Caseprofessors is a hundred percent legit website. We provide professional assistance and expert notes purely for guidance purposes and always discourage any misuse of our professional help.

During the time of order, the price is determined based on your requirements and deadline. It is vital to submit tasks as soon as you get them from your teacher so we can work on it conveniently. Also, there are other factors the pricing depends on, which include: how you want the writer to work on your essay, your deadline (matters the most), and the number of pages you require. We are offering services at a very affordable price because we know how difficult it is for a student to manage fairs. You are guaranteed of getting work free of duplication, and also it will be 100% genuine. People hire writers locally who mess up their assignments and do not assure hundred percent authenticities. This is the very reason why we exist; we are here to benefit you and give you what you need according to your requirements.

You can upload payments via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and Discover card. Find the choice that suits you the most.

No, you cannot, you will have to upload the whole amount calculated on the order page to place an order. The money is released to the writers when you are satisfied with their work.

No, it is not! Our service is paid because we are providing quality content to you and writers work hard on your assignments to bring that uniqueness and genuineness in your work. It is the very reason our writers should be paid for their work.

You will get a refund if the writer fails to submit the paper completely. It may take longer than the estimated deadline if the document is long and not enough instructions are supplied. We will also require you to submit proof that the quality of paper was not high in which case the article will go under revision, and a percentage of your total amount will be refunded. Only if the paper contains blunders that cannot be ignored and also the documents are not for direct presentation, it is for research and learning purpose only.

We know how important your personal information is, all your payments are protected by secure sockets layer (SSL) and due to which we don’t have access to any of your provided credit card information. This encrypted connection adds a layer of protection to your credit card data, and the information is only used for billing and/or payment purposes.

All the information that you provide us with is kept safe in your account, and no one can gain access to that data unless you share the passcode and username with someone. Even our writers do not have access to that information and do not know anything about your identity, which includes name, location, and e-mail. Also, we won’t be responsible for the outcome in case you choose to share your personal data with the writer during a direct chat.

We keep you completely unidentified, which mean there will be no way to either access your records or to learn about whether this person has used this service. After the sign-up process, you are assigned a unique ID through which we reach and assign a task to writers. So, there is no way from our side that information related to you can be accessed!

No, there is absolutely no way, only the writer and we can see the details of your order.

You will need to contact our support agents and ask them to erase your account permanently or any personal information it contains. One thing you need to know, in case you ever want to come back after deletion of the account; The data will no longer be available, and you will get a fresh start. There will be no way to recover any information or files that we worked on for you.

It’s easy, all you will need to do is click on the “forget password” option located under the sign-in form, and new passcode will be sent to your E-mail.

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