Privacy Policy

Below you will find the privacy policy of CaseProfessor.com. The primary characteristics of this privacy policy statement may not change, which is why we advise all the current and new users to carefully read and examine the information given in this section to avoid any misconceptions. With the passage of time, they may change in which case you will be notified about the upgraded privacy policies through an e-mail. All the data provided by our writers is unique and free of duplication, and you can only use that information for research and learning purposes, you are not allowed to present that text as your piece of work.

Personal Information

When you have placed an order on our site, all of your personal information and credentials are kept safe in our database. All the conversation you make with our support representative or the writer is not shared with any third party website or the internet; it is entirely confidential. We know the significance case study and other writing services hold and how they primarily affect your final grade. Therefore, we guarantee that all your information and data that you entered in CaseProfessor.com or discussed with the writer will not be disclosed to ANYONE.

Your personal data is accessed by the company at times: when you want to establish a connection with our support agents or wish to speak with the writer, your email address; to send you details regarding our services and updates such as privacy policy, other sections of the site, and to provide feedback. Your data is not sold, shared or given to any company, unless you choose to disclose that information yourself by developing a conversation with other users.

If you are planning to terminate/deactivate your account either forever or for a while, your information will still be a part of our database. However, your data will not be misused, transferred to any other section of the site or given to anyone else upon termination.

Billing Information

Our site runs security checks frequently to ensure all of your data regarding your payments and personal information is kept safe. Your personal data is only visible to the company and no one else. All other payment-related figures are encrypted, and therefore no one can get their hands on it. To keep your account safe, it is vital that after using our website (from a public server) you log out of your account properly.

Moreover, the charges may change depending on your location and can add more to the value displayed in the ordering process. The extra fees can be deducted as taxes according to the value of the order. We do not charge any extra fees, and the bill issued will contain the amount that was calculated during the time of purchase.

Placing an order on our website is not free; the fee will be charged, which is visible during the ordering process. After that, according to the estimated deadline, the project will be delivered via e-mail or can also be accessed through the website portal.

Refund Policy

The company is detained accountable for submitting the completed project on “Estimated Delivery Date” (clearly mentioned under the amount to be uploaded, at the order page), the writing task can get more time than the specified delivery hour and date. All the customer’s requirements/instructions are strictly followed, and if there are any violations in the commitments made by the company, the customer qualifies to a fractional or complete repayment according to the below-given refund policy rationales.

Custom Academic Writing

Quality Issues

If you find errors that are not fixable or can be positioned in the category of blunders and are not acceptable by the customer or instructor/teacher, then we reimburse the amount of up to fifty percent. The file will be submitted and go under a review; if the errors you quote or mention in the message exist inside the delivered work, the refund process begins. If you fail to submit proofs about quality issues and rejection by the teacher, you won’t be eligible for any refunds.

“Important Notice” If you do not submit a report within three days after the deliverance of work, there will be no refunds or case review. If the claim is related to plagiarism, then you need to attach a Turnitin report with the message. All other stories will be discarded from any other site or application, and you will not qualify for a refund.

Failure To Meet The Deadline

During the ordering process, the period you provide us with is the estimated time length, and sometimes the order can get delayed due to workload. The complete refund is subject to the case where we are entirely unable to deliver to the order even after taking some extra timeframe.

If you achieved a lower grade or didn’t get what you expected, then please bear in mind we don’t promise or assure you of getting a high grade. The papers we provide you with are not submittable they can only be used to gain information or be utilized for reference purposes.

Before delivering you the final piece, they go through a strict proofreading and plagiarism detecting process. Also, if you are providing us with some of your work that needs to be completed we are not responsible for any errors inside the text written by you and your text will not go through our proofreading, formatting order or grammatical error checking programs

Readymade Solutions

The file download link is sent to your email from where you are redirected to the downloading page. The download will initiate once you click on the download button; also, you can log-in to your account at CaseProfessors.com and start the download. In case both the downloading methods fail to work, then you will be eligible for a full payment refund.

Unable to download via the link sent in E-mail

If you are unable to download our readymade case solutions from the download link and if our support representatives fail to find the solution to your problem, you are eligible for a full payment refund.

Unable to download from the portal

In case the links are broken, you can contact support executives via email and provide them with complete details about the issue. Also, if you don’t make contact in three days of delivery, you will not be qualified for any refunds.