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This document, termed the Privacy Policy of Case Professors, covers all information about the policy measures which the company takes to ensure the privacy of its customers. These policies are devised for the website "CaseProfessors.com." We are a well-reputed academic writing service, and we have always prioritized the preservation and protection of each user's right to privacy and confidentiality. This page will go through all of the actions we take to protect the privacy of our clients and potential customers.

Message for All Concerned Parties

Anyone who visits our website voluntarily and chooses to order one of our academic writing services must be aware that we would always collect some personal information in order to contact and do business with our customers.

There might also come rare situations where additional information may be obtained to improve the user experience or to address unfortunate situations when a consumer initiates a dispute with the company over an order/contract.

Personal Data We Collect

Case Professors doesn’t collect any irrelevant data from their customers as many other academic writing websites do. The data we collect from our customers will always be relevant to the order they have placed.

We require basic information that helps us complete the order and deliver it on time. At the time of placing the order, customers have to fill in every section of the order form. The information we require related to the order includes the deadline, subject details, topic, etc.

Other than the details you provide in the order form, we would also require some personal information. This information is necessary for us to initiate your order:

  • Full Name
  • IP Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number

In addition to this information, we might or might not collect additional information which would help us protect our business in case a customer files a complaint against us. Note that every information we collect from customers is saved on our private servers, which are inaccessible to any irrelevant party.

The purpose of data collection and retention is to engage with customers, improve their experience, and share details about discounted deals, new services, or information related to their orders. The data is also used with the intent of improving our marketing campaigns.

How Do We Protect the Personal Data of Customers?

Steps we take to protect the personal information of our customers and users who visit our site:

  • First, CaseProfessors does not collect any irrelevant data which has nothing to do with the order or our business. Our priority is to always collect information that is relevant to the order we have received, which can help us deliver it on time.
  • CaseProfessors employ the latest security protocols. Our website uses cutting-edge security firewalls which protect us from all kinds of cyber security threats and also save all the information we collect on our private servers.
  • We also employ SSL, also known as Secure Socket Layer Certification, which is the most widely used technology in the digital world. SSL protects our website and all data on it from unauthorized parties. When a customer shares data with us, it is protected from unauthorized parties using advanced security protocols.
  • None of our team members have access to information or data that the customer provides. We have a very strict policy which prevents our writers or subject experts from storing any information other than the one which is important to them to complete the order.
  • We are a professional academic writing service which is why we never trade, sell, or transfer your data for any kind of monetary gain.

What Kind of Financial Information Do We Collect?

All academic writing services by CaseProfessors are paid for. The services that we offer are rendered against a certain payment which is calculated with our auto-free calculator. So to initiate an order, you have to pay the order fee in advance.

To pay for the order, customers can use a secure channel. We have legitimate banking channels that are linked to secure payment gateways where order payments are processed. Because we do not accept payments directly from customers, the company does not collect or require your financial information. There is no possibility of fraud because banks are actively involved in every transaction.

How Do We Protect Financial Information?

CaseProfessors does not protect any financial information because we do not collect it. We do not gather any financial information from customers because we are not involved in the payment collection process. Customers make all payments through secure digital channels that are inaccessible to management or any of our team members.

We do not collect or store any of the payment card information you provide. Customers should also be aware that we do not have direct access to or information about their credit funds. Any unconcerned person cannot access the information of a customer's account or credit wallet.

What Information Do We Collect Regarding the Order?

When placing an order with CaseProfessors, customers have to provide certain details regarding the order. This information is very important for our writers to complete the order:

  • Word Count
  • Number of Pages
  • Subject & Topic
  • Preferred Referencing Style
  • Preferred Formatting Style
  • Helping Material
  • Additional Instructions
  • Deadline

Along with this information, we might require other details that are mandatory for our writers to complete the order.

How Is the Financial Information of Customers Protected?

How Do We Protect Your Order Details and Sole Right to Use Paper?

CaseProfessors doesn’t provide customers with prewritten sample solutions. We condemn the practice of repeatedly recycling scholarly content. Each paper written by our expert is one-of-a-kind and tailored to the needs of the customer. The paper is prepared based on the instructions and preferences specified in the order form.

After you have paid for the academic paper and received the final output, you will have the exclusive right to use it for personal and fair purposes only. We grant you rights to the final paper, but we strongly oppose exploiting our papers for any financial benefits or in a manner that jeopardizes academic integrity or the laws of the land.

CaseProfessors ensure that all necessary order data and the sample solution are not used elsewhere after delivering the paper to the concerned party. Furthermore, once the revision policy timeframe (30 Days) expires, the site deletes all data and the sample solution from its servers.

What Kind of Legal Protection Do We Have to Gather and Store Data?

Unlike other global academic writing services, our company has all of the legal reasons and justifications for gathering and saving customer information or data.

First and foremost, it is the customer's consent that allows us to do this because when you visit our website on your will and choose to use any of our services without prompting, you grant us permission to collect and store required data on our servers.

All customer data is acquired with the best intentions of serving the customers with a better experience. Additionally, our company is legally bound to collect relevant information and store it on our servers.

We are required by local laws to collect information and maintain records of customers who we do business with. Saving data also helps our company compute and maintain annual taxation and audits.

Note that we only collect information directly from our customers. We don’t use any third-party apps or anonymous software for data collection. Customers are informed when and about what kind of data we collect. Our company will only start an order request after the customer provides essential data.

Anyone who doesn’t agree to our data collection or doesn’t consents to any other policy is free to quit our services as they would not be facilitated. We only render services to those who willingly submit to us and agree with our policies.

Your Right as a Customer to Access and Delete Information

As a customer, you have every legal right to know about your saved information. We always encourage customers to review their data and ensure that they have provided accurate information to use. Customers must also, to the best of their knowledge can, change previously improperly recorded information.

In a situation where a customer asks for the removal of their data after placing an order, they would have to wait for it to be completed. In case the customer asks for immediate data deletion and doesn’t want to wait for the paper to be deleted, we would halt our services, confiscate the order free, and would not provide services to the customer until and unless they agree to accurate data provision.

Once the order has been completed, a customer is allowed to ask for data removal. Once the data has been deleted from our servers, the customer would have to provide the necessary information again before placing a new order. This is because we are legally bound to collect and maintain data.

Note that CaseProfessors holds the right to immediately suspend our services and confiscate order fees if we find that the information provided by the customer is not correct.

Case Professor’s Right to Amend Its Privacy Policy

CaseProfessors.com is a for-profit academic writing service. Our company has the exclusive right to change our privacy policy in whole or in parts. If the company decides and agrees to amend any or all of its policies, it will do so without notifying any existing or probable customer. New policies can also be added to the present document. This is why we always urge users to regularly visit our privacy policies and stay up to date.

Any changes to the privacy policy document would be communicated through appropriate methods to all parties concerned, including clients, customers, and employees. Any changes to the policies are typically communicated to clients via their official/registered email addresses. Furthermore, our website may draw attention to any changes in the policy by displaying a banner on the main page or any other page we think appropriate. This is the prerogative of the company to decide the medium of notification.

Customer Support and Consultation for More Information

All of the main points of our privacy policy have been thoroughly outlined here in this document. Despite all of these details, there can always come a situation in which the customer feels compelled to learn more about any policy or query not yet covered in this paper. In such cases, the customer can contact the customer care team to inquire and get their concerns resolved. We have a professional CSR team who is available 24/7 for your help. They will respond to all your queries that might be or might not be related to the privacy policy document.

Refund Policy

There are some rare situations in which CaseProfessors offers a money-back guarantee to all its customers. You must meet the standards that determine whether your claim is authentic or not in order to submit a formal refund before you apply with your registered email address.

If your refund request is legitimate, you must also meet the criteria that determine what percentage would be reimbursed. This policy document will go over each of these requirements for determining the validity of a refund request or any other type of money-back guarantee that our company offers.

Zero Refund Cases

Customers are not entitled to a refund in the following circumstances:

Small Delays in Delivery

Our primary purpose is to provide consumers with high-quality and unique solutions. We will not consider a refund request from a customer who alleges they received unsatisfactory grades on their assignments or essays. We never guarantee grades to customers; instead, we promise to provide high-quality papers. Furthermore, it must be clear to all customers and possible prospects that we do not promote or permit the use of our papers as your original submissions in the classroom.

Unavailability of Preferred Writer

Even if we consider your preferences for working with a specific writer, the decision to assign the writer ultimately rests with the company and no one else. If the company is unable to bring your preferred writer on board for a specific subject, no refund request will be considered. We would always find the most qualified writer for the project, so we would not consider any requests for a refund based on this issue.

Urgent Delivery Requests

If a customer visits CaseProfessors.com and orders a paper with a tight deadline that is insufficient to complete the order, the company will not be held liable for the final paper's quality. We never promise to deliver high-quality papers/solutions on short deadlines. Papers submitted in a hurry may or may not contain human errors, which is why the company does not guarantee reimbursements for this kind of order. If a customer discovers quality issues or missing instructions in an urgent order, he or she is not entitled to a refund; however, they can ask for free revisions in case their request is validated by our team.

Partial Refund Situations

Customers are entitled to a limited refund in the following circumstances:

Order Cancellation Requests

If a customer requests an order cancellation after one of our writers has been assigned, they will only be entitled to get 50% of the order fee. The customer would receive half of the fee only as the other half would directly go to the writer as their service charge.

If the customer requests a cancellation after the deadline for the order has already passed by half or more, and our writer has begun working on the project/paper, we will return 25% of the total amount paid. The remaining fee would be paid to the writers and subject experts who worked on the order.

Note that no negotiations would be entertained in these situations.

Poor Quality Complaints

If a customer claims that the delivered paper is of low quality, the complaint will not be considered as the final verdict; rather, our quality assurance team will review the order again. If it is found that the paper written and delivered by our writer is of poor quality, you may be eligible for a 25% refund. If the quality assurance team determines that there are no quality issues, no refund requests will be considered in this situation whatsoever.

Failing to Provide Revisions

CaseProfessors has a very crystal clear revision policy. We provide three free revisions within 30 days of the paper’s delivery if the quality assurance team finds the revision request to be valid. However, if for some reason we are unable to revise the delivered paper, customers are entitled to a 25% refund of the total order fee. This could be due to unavoidable situations which are beyond the company's control.

Plagiarism Complaints

Customers are promised unique write-ups from CaseProfessors. Our writers ensure that the information they provide in the paper is based on research and is free of plagiarism. Plagiarism in papers, on the other hand, might be found unintentionally. If a customer complains that our delivered papers are duplicated/plagiarized, he or she must provide a Turnitin report with more than 15% plagiarism. If the specified percentage of plagiarism is found, the customer would be entitled to get a 25% refund. In case the customer fails to produce a plagiarism report, their refund request will not be entertained.

Full Refund Situations

Customers are entitled to ask for a full refund in the following cases:

Writer Not Assigned Yet

A customer would be entitled to ask for a full refund if they cancel the order before any writer or tutor has been assigned to their paper. The order processing charges would not be included in the refund amount.

Double Order Placed

In a situation where a customer accidentally orders the same order twice, they are allowed to request a full refund. The best approach, in this case, is to directly inform the customer support team.

Refund Policy for Readymade Solutions

When a customer orders one of our case study solutions, the downloadable link of the solution is sent to them to their registered emails after they have paid for it. The download of the paper will initiate once your click on the “Download” button. The purchased paper can also be downloaded directly from the website.

Refund situations for customers who purchase our readymade case solutions:

Unable to Download the Solution Sent in Email

You are entitled to a full refund if you are unable to download our pre-made case solutions via the download link sent to you via email. You can file a refund request if our customer support team fails to find a solution to your problem.

Unable to Download the Solution from the Portal

If, after paying for the solution, you are unable to download it from the website, you have to email and report this problem to us right away. In case our team is unable to resolve this issue or provide you with a sample solution via an alternative way, you are entitled to ask for a full refund.

An important thing to keep in mind is that if the customer doesn’t contact the customer support team or email us the issue of links not working in three days’ time, we will not entertain any refund requests whatsoever.

Important Note for Customers

The customer would receive the partial or full refund amount in the form of credits in their account wallet. Our company does not pay real-time cash refunds or reverse cash transfers to customers, nor will it comply with such demands. Customers can use the refunded credit amount in their next orders according to our credit usage policy.

What is the Official Process for Submitting a Refund Request with CaseProfessors?

  1. First, customers must be fully aware that they can only request refunds if they do so within seven days of the paper's delivery. Refund claims or requests will not be taken into consideration beyond seven days. You can request a refund directly by approaching the customer support team. The other option is to log in to your personal account and lodge a dispute through the user dashboard. If the seven-day time period has passed, the customer can still ask for free revisions.
  2. It is only our team’s right to review and confirm any refund requests that are submitted to CaseProfessors.com. If the request is valid, the team will investigate the matter and determine how much money will be reimbursed. The process could take a minimum of three working days to finish and perhaps much longer when it comes to dissertations or technical papers.
  3. Any additional information that helps our support team determine whether your refund request is valid or not may be collected. The customer's refund request will be rejected if they fail to give the team the extra information.

How Much Time Does It Take to Complete a Refund Request?

The refund process might take three to four working days once our team has verified the request and calculated the precise amount to be reimbursed. This entire process might take up to 10 business days, and it can possibly take longer in unexpected situations. By contacting the customer support team of CaseProfessors, the customer can stay updated on the progress of their refund request and can also make other enquiries.

Revision Policy

CaseProfessors is a professional academic writing platform that strives to ensure that the rights of its valued customers are protected. We have devised a very customer friendly revision policy that reiterates maximum client facilitation. Through this revision policy, we make sure that every one of our clients gets value for money. We offer three free of cost revisions to all our customers within thirty days of delivery of paper (Ninety days for Dissertation only).

When a Customer Can Avail Free Revision Facility?

  1. Requirements neglected
  2. After the delivery of the final paper, if you find that any or all of your initial requirements are neglected in the paper, you can ask for a free revision straight away.

  3. Missed guidelines
  4. If you believe that your guidelines were not properly followed or missed altogether and not reflected in the final paper, you can ask for a free revision without any delay.

  5. Plagiarized content
  6. In case, if you find plagiarized or copied content in your paper, you can ask for a free revision without any hesitation.

  7. Grammar and spelling mistakes
  8. If your finally delivered paper contains various grammatical, spelling or factual errors, you can ask for a free revision.

When a Revision Request Will be Considered Valid?

Although we have shaped up a revision policy that is meant to facilitate our customers to the maximum possible extent, yet there are certain conditions and qualifications that allow us to calibrate a fair revision policy that doesn’t harm the rights of any party concerned. Here below we will discuss all those conditions that render your revision request to be valid or invalid.

  • First of all, the formal revision request must be made through the proper channel within 30 days of the delivery of the final paper and within 90 days for the Dissertation only. If the revision request is made after this grace period has already passed by, this will not be entertained under the umbrella of your free revision facility instead, this will be considered as a new order which will have to be paid for.
  • Customer can demand a free revision only if the final paper formation conflicts with your initial requirements and guidelines that you explicitly mentioned while filling the order form. If all of your instructions and guidelines are duly implemented in the paper and you need some additional alterations, these changes will be charged according to the standard rates.
  • In a case where the customer is placing the revision request on grievance of plagiarized or copied content, it is essential to back your claim with Turnitin report and to establish your grievance. If the writer has exceeded the standard allowed limit in your paper, only then you can ask for a free revision.
  • In a case where mistakes are caused due to the data provided by the customer to be included in the paper, this will not be considered the liability of our writer at all. This is the responsibility of the customer to properly check and ascertain the authenticity of the data and provide us the data which is free from errors and mistakes of any kind.

Way to Avail Free Revision Facility.

As we mentioned earlier, a revision request must be filed through proper channel. Oral and verbal requests have a fair chance of omission so make sure that you file your revision request through proper channel which is given below.

User Account → Dashboard →order Details → Add Comment

If Issue is Not Resolved Yet?

In a case where a customer files his revision request through proper channel as mentioned above and still his revision request is not entertained, he can open a new dispute to reiterate the issue. The way to open dispute is given below.

User Account → Dashboard → Disputes → New Dispute → Select Order

CaseProfessors is always determined to bring its clients the best of tutoring and mentoring facilities on affordable prices. As a professional company, we care to protect the rights of all parties concerned in the process. We take these policies as a legal binding upon us and expect the same level of compliance from our respected customers as well to promote a healthy working relationship.

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