Caseprofessors Honor Code – Professional Ethics

For the sake of maximum facilitation and guidance to the students in a timely and affordable manner, we encourage a personalized approach to students' learning. Furthermore, our mission is to assist the masses in the education and corporate sector with our professional help, irrespective of their class, income, or location.


Honor Code

CaseProfessors is known for withholding the highest standards of academic integrity and transparency and promoting personal level assistance to students. That is why we stick to the basics of academic integrity principles and never resort to any unfair means for attaining higher grades through cheating, plagiarism, impersonation, etc.

Our Experts Never Help in Malpractices Such as

We are an established and qualified team of educationists who pursue this profession with a passion and mission in our minds. We strive to bring ease to student lives and help them better fight off their academic challenges.

Knowing the norms and sanctity of this profession, our professionals never resort to unfair or malpractices like plagiarism, cheating, impersonation, etc.


We never support

plagiarism Cheating

Where illegal help from external sources is acquired

plagiarism Plagiarism

Where some other person's work is passed off as someone else's

plagiarism Impersonation

Where a person pretends to be another person for academic gains


Our Policy for Corporate Writings

CaseProfessors is a widely known and trusted writing company. As a professional team and organization, we never tend to help businesses or even individuals commit false or fraudulent activities through our professional assistance. Nor do we assist in any kind of misrepresentation of any institutional or corporate policies.

We guarantee to always stick to the institutional and moral values of being professionals to the core. We also ensure that any person involved in such malpractice from our team will instantly be highlighted, penalized, and removed from our panel.


Request to Students

CaseProfessors is probably your last resort when you feel left out from the pace of your class. Our experts sincerely help you keep up with that pace through expert guidance and model papers. We, as a team, are also keen to help you channel all your educational gaps and deficiencies that might be a hindrance to your achievements.

CaseProfessors has been helping the students and masses in large numbers for over a decade. This has been a tremendous journey of making hundreds of thousands of happy clients worldwide. We are always eager to bring you all desired assistance in a timely and affordable manner.

CaseProfessors explicitly announces that all of our written material, model solutions and even mentoring are meant solely for guidance and inspiration purposes. We never allow or encourage the direct submission of material provided by us.


Request to Businesses

CaseProfessors is a credible and widely trusted professional writing platform where we help the masses write formal write-ups for educational purposes or businesses. We are here to facilitate you in writing formal papers, but we never encourage any unethical act where any misrepresentation or falsification is required.

We restrict all businesses and individuals from acquiring any of our help or assistance in misrepresenting, maneuvering, tempering, altering, forging, or disturbing the original texts. This platform will never help you attain any of your illegal, unethical agendas.

We are a credible writing forum that people relate to and we have earned a reputation over a long period of time which is quite dear to us. CaseProfessors will never stand by your side if you are expecting anything out of the professional norms.


Request to Our Experts

CaseProfessors is a decade-old professional writing company started by a group of retired professors and professional writers. This company was initiated to spread quality assistance to students in dire need.

We offer way more than market-oriented salaries to our experts. In return, all we expect from you is the highest standards of professionalism in your services, sticking to the fundamentals of academic integrity.


Request to Teachers and Institutions

CaseProfessors is fully aware and admirer of your efforts to improve students and spread the word for higher education. Most of our experts come from the same educational fraternity that strives day and night for better grooming and education of their students, for which we salute your efforts in this regard.

We guarantee you a hundred percent compliance with academic integrity, and we urge you to please report to us in any event of a violation; we will take stern action immediately.

All What We Never Do

As a top-rated professional writing company, people relate to us and trust our word. All of our potential and existing clients must bear in mind that they must never expect from us any of the below-mentioned supports


Copying others' work and passing it off as your own


Stealing or plagiarizing others' original ideas, thoughts, manuscripts, interpretations, literary work, experiments and conclusions.


Misrepresentation or fabrication of any kind of data


Resorting to any kind of unfair means for attaining better and higher grades


Creating false and fake financial reports for over or under-representation of some business


Generating fake business documents like reports, ledger, assessment reports etc


Making fake resume containing fabricated work and educational experience

userUsers of the CaseProfessor Platform

We have been serving the writing industry for more than a decade now. This has been a tremendous journey where we helped hundreds of thousands of students, businesses, and individuals through our top notch writing skills. Throughout this incredible journey, we have had certain limits that kept us from indulging in any practices contradictory to academic integrity and professional ethics. Here are a few of those


Noticed any activity that goes against the Honor Code?

Report Abuse of Honor Code

Noticed any breach or violation of the Honor Code? Please report us right away.

We urge all our existing and potential clients to please report even the minutest event where you believe academic integrity is compromised or violated using our platform on the behest of any of our clients using any of our experts. We guarantee to take strict action.

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