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We strongly believe that academic integrity is an integral and key element of higher education. It emphasizes acknowledging others' work and paying it due credit.

Meaning of Terms Used

CaseProfessors or Company

It refers to our professional writing company that provides expert help to students from across the world with the help of our qualified writers and coaches, while sticking to the norms of academic integrity.


It refers to a professional and experienced educationist on board that helps students with their skills and knowledge by providing them a sample paper purely for guidance and understanding purposes.


It refers to a voluntary visitor who, without any compulsion or coercion, visits our website and plans to acquire any of our writing or mentoring help. A customer is the one who hires our services in any form, be it for completion of any educational or academic task, for model papers, or final editing whatsoever.

Writing Service

It refers to our formal writing help or service to those in need and those who willfully demand this help from us. Our professional writing service makes sure that we deliver a sample paper strictly in line with the provided instructions to be used as a guiding tool for the customer.

Delivery of Writing Service

It implies the final delivery of the completed draft that is written in light of the initial requirements and instructions of the client. This may also refer to delivering some pre-solved model solutions or mentoring and coaching assistance.


The term product here implies a soft copy of the completed paper that is written and completed right in accordance with the instructions of the client. Our model papers and pre-solved solutions also fall under this category.

This Portion Sheds Light on Our Vision and Mission

CaseProfessors is a website where you can seek the highest standard of professional assistance from our qualified and subject specialist writers in the completion of your academic tasks. The sole purpose of this professional assistance lies in our basic motto of facilitating higher education to the students irrespective of their geographic location, country, or institute. Furthermore, we aim to help you eliminate all educational barriers and deficiencies that create hurdles in your way of achievement.

Academic Dishonesty in Our Eyes

plagiarism Plagiarism

This implies presenting others' work as your own or under your personal tag. We believe this is the biggest menace to the educational sector, and we tend to discourage it in every shape and form. Plagiarism is presenting other work in full or parts, using their words, or even copying and stealing their original ideas without giving the right citations and references.

collusion Cheating

It is another ill practice in academics where someone steals some other's work with or without permission and presents it as his own.

facilation Facilitation

As the term clearly shows, it implies assisting someone in committing some fraudulent academic act, be it through plagiarism, cheating, or fraud.

fabrication Fabrication

It refers to using some data or information without due permission of the original source and presenting it with minor modifications quoting as his own work

multiplesubmissions Multiple submissions

It refers to the submission of the same paper on multiple places or in different classes tagging it as genuine research work of someone.

impersonation Impersonation

As the name clearly shows, it implies pretending to be someone else, working or writing on his behalf, and participating in some exam, test, or assessment.

Our vision restricts us from trafficking or unethical exchange of educational material that can exploit the academic integrity in any manner possible.

We never promote or encourage any act that even prima facie facilitates academic dishonesty since it discourages the main source and genuine authors.

In our understanding and belief, academic integrity means developing your knowledge using the right references and citations where you pay full credit to the original source. Our experts are restricted from any such act that can violate or is contrary to the very fundamentals of academic integrity. We never allow any of our writers or experts to assist in cheating, fraud, impersonation, or plagiarism whatsoever collides with the basics of academic integrity.

All of our experts are directed to refrain from unethical or illegal activities that may contradict the very essence of academic or professional integrity while delivering educational or corporate content. They are restricted from participating or facilitating in any illegal, unethical acts, violation of educational or institutional policies, data maneuver, manipulation, impersonation, cheating, fraud, etc. since most of our onboard writers come from the most decorated fraternity of educationists, they never resort to any unethical act come what may.


Here Below is What We Never Do

CaseProfessors strives to bring ease in student lives through its expert help which is only meant for guidance and understanding purposes.


Writing or finishing school, college, or university assignments on behalf of some client


Falsification of facts with the intention of misrepresentation or impersonation


Submission of some academic assignments formally on behalf of some other enrolled student


Illegal provision of answers to questions asked in an exam, test, or assessment


We never help write medical-oriented articles for non-professionals


We never help you create fabricated financial reports on behalf of a business


Maneuvering science journals, research papers, citations, data, or established facts


Writing fake resumes containing false and fabricated educational and experience details


We never write literature that gives rise to hate speech, religious intolerance, and political harmony


Any paper that misrepresents any institutional policy, state law, or facts

user To the Clients and Prospects

CaseProfessors is a widely acclaimed writing platform that has attained this reputation and credibility over a decade. All our onboard professionals come from most reputed institutions and that’s why they never resort to any unfair means in helping students or clients. We always stick to fair practices irrespective of any financial gains no matter what.


Note for Teachers and Parents

CaseProfessors is an internationally acclaimed and celebrated academic writing forum and coaching facility that has been serving masses worldwide for over a decade now. Right from day one, we have been striving to remove all educational barriers that keep students from making achievements.

Our writers and mentors provide model papers and solutions to students with the intention that they read and understand the crux of the matter and prepare their own notes and presentations. Our material is never meant for direct submission to any school, college, or university.

Please allow your students to share their complex educational problems with us so that we can help them solve on time and keep them in the race.

Urge them to pursue only high-quality, established professional assistance that helps them bridge their educational gaps and deficiencies instead of falling prey to cheating and scam companies.

Ask children to seek our expert help with full confidence since we never encourage or promote any such activity that contradicts the very basics of academic integrity; we never deliver papers for direct submission but only for guidance and inspirational purposes.

Please don't restrict them from seeking our expert assistance until you don't find any flaws or contradictions in any of our service, material, or commitment to the betterment of higher education. We aim to help your child keep up with the pace of their class.

Provide all required financial help to your child and students that can help them attain that required timely assistance that out of any random reason could not reach him.


Note for Students

All students must note that CaseProfessors never helps or facilitates any such act that contradicts the basics of academic integrity norms, institutional or educational policy.

Students must never acquire from us any such help which even in prima facie can contradict their institutional policy. All of our assistance is meant to help you overcome your academic challenges through learning and guidance.


Note for Writers

Even though all of you come from esteemed educational and institutional backgrounds, we admire your potential without any doubt. Somehow, there are still a few factors that must be crystal clear in your minds right from joining this company

None of our team members will ever participate in any such activity that may have even the remotest possibility of cheating and fraud

All the members and writers are strictly prohibited from facilitating in any unethical act that directly or indirectly violates the academic integrity or institutional policy.

No team member will ever facilitate a client in writing a paper that is meant for direct submission in some school, college, or university.

None of our writers will ever facilitate a client that wants any kind of impersonation, fabrication, plagiarism, cheating, or fraud

CaseProfessors strongly upholds the academic integrity, so use your wisdom in every task and job to refrain from such act that may potentially challenge or harm the reputation of this august writing platform

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