CS-2071486 Case Study Solution on Business Management

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CS-2071416 Case Study Solution on Accounting

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CS-2069991 Case Study Solution on Business Management


Khalil R Al-Battat

CS-2070967 Assignment on Business Management

A lot of work here. Extensively researched and well edited. I think you've done a great job. This is a very difficult assignment, but you have managed to stitch many disparate viewpoints and issues together, culminating into an admirably drawn up argument

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CS-2070864 Assignment on Management

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CS-2070698 PPT Presentation on Management

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CS-2070595 PPT Presentation on Management

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CS-2070170 Case Study Solution on Marketing

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CS-2070467 Case Study Solution on Others

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CS-2069036 Research Paper on Entrepreneurship



CS-2070179 Term Paper on Finance

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CS-2065648 PPT Presentation on Marketing

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CS-2070051 Report Writing Service on Organizational Behaviour

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CS-2069885 Coursework on Finance

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CS-2069331 Assignment on Business Management

Areas done well: Your research proposal has been organised well. You have included a cover page and a table of contents. Background information has been used.

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CS-2068888 Dissertation / Thesis on Others

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CS-2069441 Assignment on Others


Godfred Quarcoo

CS-2068997 Assignment on Strategy

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CS-2069683 Report Writing Service on Strategy

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