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Beneficial State Bank A Organization And Measurement Of Social Impact Case Solution

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Beneficial State Bank is a community development bank in Oakland. The underlying idea of the bank's theory of change is that money should serve people and not the other way round as the banking system belongs to the people and hence need to solely work for meeting their interests (Global Alliance for Banking on Values, 2020). The bank's focus is on promoting justice and empowerment and uses bank profits to invest in robust community building and environment. The bank further ensures that people with less bargaining power have access to finances, thereby ensuring the prosperity and stability of the entire financial system, the premise of which will lie on serving all the communities, including the underserved. 

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This is because the bank’s values lie on the belief that a better world is now possible that will be built by people who are inspired intrinsically. Hence, the bank aims to build a better future by reforming its operations and ensuring a better banking system. These values, which form a part of the theory of change, are consistent with the bank's mission, which is aimed at ensuring social justice and environmental well-being through supporting economically sustainable initiatives. 

The bank's products are made to serve those who are working towards making the world a better place, and align with its theory of change to strengthen local communities, improve quality of life, etc. The bank offers term loans, lines of credits, and commercial mortgages at affordable rates to non-profit organizations or any organization that is working towards sustainability, hence catering to the needs of low bargaining power customers (Beneficial State bank, 2020). This further helps indicate how the bank is contributing towards sustainability by supporting businesses that are focused on having a positive impact on the environment. It also has online banking services for these customers to better facilitate them. Through its lending products designed to enable those working towards sustainability, the bank also aims to change the banking system by migrating deposit, equity, and workforce skills to a better banking model that will in turn help bring about efficiency and be fruitful for the overall community through the generation of greater returns (The Planning Report, 2016).

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The key principles of the founding vision are to create a sustainable community development bank and a supporting non-profit organization (Beneficial State Bank, 2020). The vision also encompasses fairness to the people with the least bargaining power, and to provide access to financial services for all, especially the low-income communities. Another principle of the bank is to ensure the prosperity of responsible individuals and organizations and contribute positively to the environment.

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