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Chattanooga Ice Cream Division

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The fundamental issue is that over the previous four years, sales in the Chattanooga Ice Cream Division have decreased. In 1991, sales revenue totaled more over 180 million dollars, but in 1995, it was just 150 million dollars. Ice cream consumption growth had stalled during this time, and Chattanooga's market competition had significantly increased. Making business decisions may be challenging, especially when the future survival of the organization is at stake. In the case of The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division, this is the circumstance. The division's president and general manager, Charles Moore, must choose between growing the business and enacting a cost-cutting plan. The future of the company will be affected by this choice in the long run. Although Mr. Moore is in a leadership position, direct staff members' opinions will also be considered when making a decision. The organization's success can be derailed by internal problems.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. How well is Chattanooga Ice Cream Division doing? 

  2. What is your assessment of the senior management team? 

  3. What should Charlie Moore do?

  4. What are the main problems of the Ice-Cream Division?

Case Study Questions Answers

1. How well is Chattanooga Ice Cream Division doing?

Chattanooga Ice Cream Division is doing poorly because of its leader’s poor leadership skills. Charles Moore, the Chattanooga Ice Cream Division's general manager, has not been able to adequately guide the group. His excessive reliance on the team members for decision-making has been the primary cause of this failure. Moore has also failed to bind his team together and keep them together. In reality, he makes no effort to persuade them to collaborate. Moore scores a "S" on the DiSC evaluation. Where he keeps a cool head and dislikes being hurried into things, basically, he favors group decision-making and prefers collaborative environments. He is a cautious leader who values collaboration and reaching a consensus when making choices. Moore may not be happy with his team members' attitudes and behaviors, but he never expresses this to them. Charles Moore should assess each team member, though, and work to change their attitudes. In essence, Moore looks to his team for solutions to various issues, but as general manager, he should make the final judgment and stick to it. Under Moore’s leadership, the firm might run into debt since Charles Moore lacks the qualities of a competent leader. The firm had not been doing any better lately. The core causes of the firm's problems were found to be the recent leadership and management churn. Even though the loss of the company's third-largest customer is portrayed as the main problem, the leadership team's inability to achieve comfort, conformity, trust, and effective communication has prevented them from realizing the benefits of effective cooperation. The loss of a significant client was just a symptom of a bigger issue in the situation. In brief, the firm was about to face a huge turnover.

2. What is your assessment of the senior management team?

Because there was a lack of the necessary level of trust among the team members, the team was dysfunctional. The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division team members were all unwilling to acknowledge their flaws and errors. In reality, they were constantly playing the "blame game," and instead of taking responsibility for their own departments' shortcomings, all the teams were criticizing one another. Among the team members, there was a lack of the comfort level that is necessary for trust to exist.

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