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Enerplus Corporation Assessing the Board Invitation Case Solution

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  • MacKenzie viewed this opportunity as a platform that would allow her to both gains an outstanding learning experience as well as share her knowledge while staying engaged to the energy industry at a strategic level.

  • Serving the corporate board would be a better ‘fit’ for her as compared to her career in a non-profit organization which was less structured at the moment.

  • She would gain both financial benefits and intangible benefits

  • Working on the board will be a favorable step for her personal development

  • MacKenzie’s background and experience served the needs of the company and the board since she was already familiar with the industry and would require little time to adjust.

  • She was comfortable with being and working in a male-dominated environment has been doing that since her time at McGill.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. List and categorize the factors Mackenzie examined as she considered the new opportunity? What are the benefits and risks of serving on a corporate board?

Case Analysis for Enerplus Corporation Assessing the Board Invitation Case Solution

Downsides / Risks
  • MacKenzie was concerned whether the company’s Directors and Officers liability insurance could cover the costs that may arise if legal action was taken against the board

  • Meeting the director shareholder requirement meant that she would have to tie up more than Cdn$100,000 in the company’s shares

  • Matter of time commitment; there would not be a pre-determined schedule and MacKenzie will have to react on a as-needed basis

  • In order to improve her skills and ability to perform better at her job well she will have to complete a training program from the Institute for Corporate Directors and take out time to meet mentors

  • She would have to postpone her plan for a year-long round-the-world trip with her husband after their retirement for an indefinite time period

  • MacKenzie would have to serve the Enerplus board for at least a period of 5 years, making it a long-term commitment

  • The main issue was whether this role was consistent with why she had left her job in the corporate world to spend more time on nonprofit work

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