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Keurig Case Solution

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Keurig deals in the manufacturing of coffee brewers and cups. Hence, the key success factors for the company are largely different from the ones of the commercial brands that employ its products. The KSFs for Keurig are summarized in the following points.

  1. The first and foremost factor which poses itself as a prerequisite of success for all other features is none other than the design, variety, and versatility of the product base. Keurig manufactures coffee brewers for both commercial and household use. The biggest success factor for a coffee brewer lies in its ability to offer better coffee than the competition. Therefore, the taste of coffee and the suitable combination of ingredients makes its way to the top of the checklist. For this purpose, the internal design of both the cup and the brewer is key. No matter how widespread the marketing efforts are, if the brewer fails to offer tasty coffee or the brewer fails to work at times, it cannot be sold. Also, consumers of coffee tend to prefer different cup sizes and ingredients. In order to cater to their varied demands, the versatility in the product base is a must.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Key success factors


Case Analysis for Keurig

2. The quality of ingredients used in the coffee cups is also closely linked to the success of Keurig. Additionally, the ability of a company to offer different cup sizes and ingredients also determine whether or not it will succeed in the market.

3. The ease with which the brewers can be operated determines the success of the company. In order for Keurig and its competitors to succeed in the market, its operating system should be easy and user-friendly. Extra sophisticated systems with unattractive and complicated exterior user panels tend to get rejected by the users. Moreover, the factor of ease also encompasses the ability of brewers to offer hot coffee in a suitable time frame.

4. The maintenance and support services provided by the company (both offline and online) also determine its success level. If these services are less costly and easily available for Keurig, then the consumers will tend to prefer it over other brands.

The following figures summarize the KSFs.

Figure 1: Key Success Factors

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