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Make Green Delicious Sustainability at Jamie Kennedy kitchens Case Solution

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The Wine Bar generated the most profits for Jamie Kennedy Kitchens partly due to its attractive design. The Wine Bar had an open kitchen, where customers witness the organic ingredients used in the meal preparation. This design strategy attracted the younger segment as well as the professional clients. The design further incorporated the style of handwritten menu lists and the architecture of the vineyard that stretched throughout the dining room. The restaurant has the feel of a complete food experience. When the customer enters into a Jamie Kennedy Kitchen restaurant, he/she could feel the excitement about the food experience at different levels. However, the key challenge is the relocation of the restaurant to meet the environmentally friendly objectives that can affect the geographic segmentation of targeted customers. Further efforts would be needed to address the relocation. Some of the strategies would include the incorporation of more value-added products and communication to a broader audience base. Even if this decision took place, it would require Kennedy to offer more value-added products, communicating with a larger and different audience and catering for a broader range of sustainability. The change in the menu lists causes price list revision that can be a major additional cost to the business. Kennedy further wanted to relocate the canning facility to his rural area that could provide supplies to the adjacent farmers; however, this product line of harvested fruits and vegetables in a new area may or may not be a success similar to that of canning operations at the Ontario farm.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What are the key challenges of designing a restaurant in a sustainable way?

  2. What are the key drivers of sustainability at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens?

  3. What are the current trade-offs between sustainability and growths at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens?

  4. Which growth option would allow Jamie Kennedy Kitchens to grow most sustainability?

Case Analysis for Make Green Delicious Sustainability at Jamie Kennedy kitchens

2. What are the key drivers of sustainability at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens?

The key drivers to sustainability include the policy of using organic ingredients in the food served by Jamie Kennedy Kitchens. It also takes into consideration the promotion of healthy and quality food, support for local food suppliers and farmers, commitment to seasonal ingredients, expansion of canning facilities, educating the community about food philosophy and the diversification through three Jamie Kennedy Kitchen Ventures of the Wine Bar, the Restaurant and the Gardiner. The policy of using organic ingredients helped to support the local farmers. Kennedy was strictly against the concept of food and wine imports which stressed local farmer’s income. This concept promotes sustainability in terms of safeguarding the cultural respect for food and the nature of biodiversity. Furthermore, Kennedy aimed to educate customers about the pure nature of food by giving them access to the kitchen and allowing them to question the preparation of their meals. The sustainability was also dependent upon the canning area to be developed in a rural area. This move aimed to facilitate the supply of organic products to all branches of Jamie Kennedy Kitchens. This ensured efficient management of the value chain. The unique selling point of Jamie Kennedy Kitchens's business was the proactive stance towards the environment that linked directly to the food business. This included the ventures of the Endangered Fish Alliance, Bullfrog Power, and the Canadian Fish Boycott. The strategy also included catering for diversification in the form of a Wine Bar which targeted the young and energetic of the customer audience and restaurant that targeted the conventional and the sophisticated.

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