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Red Bull is a beverage company that enjoys high brand equity. It is a billion-dollar brand that has successfully grabbed the attention of the audience. The creative and innovative marketing campaigns and advertisements have kept the brand apart from its competitors. 

Red Bull entered the UK market where it positioned itself differently and completely changed the tagline and slogan. It appeared that the audience did not much like the new position of the brand in the market. They loved the previous image; hence, the brand team was replaced, and they repositioned Red Bull and introduced the catchy slogan. The catchy slogan was enough to make it memorable among the masses. It gained a lot of attention among the audiences. "Red Bull gives you wings" is one of the most famous taglines in history. It gave life to the campaign. The brand is strong enough to look for expansion into the newer markets and newer segments. Thus, Red Bull is looking to expand into the herbal tea market. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Describe Red Bull’s sources of brand identity. Do these sources change depending on the market or country?

  2. Analyze Red Bull’s marketing program in terms of how it contributes to the bran’s equity. Discuss strengths and weaknesses.

  3. How can Red Bull maintain its marketing momentum? Would you recommend that Red Bull develops any brand extensions? If so, what would they be? Would you use the same marketing strategy?

  4. In addition to the market sectors discussed in the case, Red Bull has also move into herbal teas, fast-food chains, and magazines. Evaluate this move and consider whether it makes sense for the company to expand into these areas? What are the potential benefits and dangers? 

  5. Compare the different approaches by the Red Bull marketing department between countries with those taken by, for example, Coco Cola. How have the two companies approached varied marketing initiatives? Evaluate the pros and cons for Red Bull of their decisions

Case Study Questions Answers

1. Describe Red Bull’s sources of brand identity. Do these sources change depending on the market or country?

Red Bull is one of those few brands in the world which have very high brand equity. Red Bull has successfully created a strong brand image in the minds of the consumers. Additionally, the brand has made its fullest efforts to maintain its brand image throughout the globe over the years. The brand also enjoys high brand awareness among the masses. The top of the mind awareness is really important for any brand and Red Bull has succeeded. It continues to enjoy strong brand recognition. The brand equity also includes the high quality of the product. The premium pricing has maintained an image of the product for being superior to its competitors. Red Bull is one of those fortunate names in the market who have a high consumer loyalty. 

The much-discussed marketing campaigns and heavy advertisements have helped the brand to maintain a high brand recall. "Red Bull gives you wings" slogan is a very famous tagline that has been successful in grabbing the attention of the masses. Red Bull is positioned in the minds of the consumers as a sophisticated product that provides an energy boost and an uplift to the drinkers. Red Bull also enjoys high brand equity due to the famous marketing campaigns, much-discussed and hyped Television commercials, and sports associations. The single blue and silver can of the product and the iconic logo with two bulls and a yellow sun are easily distinguishable and recognized among the target audience. The bulls on the can are symbolic for providing and translating the energy to the drinkers. The drink stimulates metabolism and improves physical stamina. It also provides a good feeling and a feeling of wellbeing which makes it much more acceptable among the youth. 

No, the sources of brand identity do not necessarily change. A brand can apply the same marketing tactics and techniques even in different markets or countries. Red Bull almost uses the same marketing technique in all the markets and regions. 

2. Analyze Red Bull’s marketing program in terms of how it contributes to the bran’s equity. Discuss strengths and weaknesses.

Red Bull is well known for content marketing because of its exceptional planning and creative execution. The beverage giant has always been popular for its unique marketing approach and distinctive execution of plans. Red Bull has been successful to maintain a distinct image of the brand in the market because it produces content that is considered high quality and attention-grabbing. Red Bull has also managed to get into partnerships with some major sportsmen and celebrities which has often created a buzz on the internet. It has managed to break the noise and stand out in the clutter. It has successfully pulled out major and big events attaining the full media coverage and hype. These successful events have managed to be eye-catching and appealing to the masses. 

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