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Sustainability As Opportunity Unilevers Sustainable Living Plan Case Solution

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In this personal reflection paper, it seems wise enough to discuss some of the most important concepts of corporate sustainability studied in the course. As the world is progressing, more and more businesses are becoming inclined towards embedding sustainability into their business model as this will help them survive in the market in the long run. Sustainable businesses are taking initiative to redefine the corporate ecosystem that helps “create shared value” for everyone (ESSAY.BIZ, 2021).

Case Analysis for Sustainability As Opportunity Unilevers Sustainable Living Plan Case Solution

It is noticeable that strategic value associated with sustainability comes from the need to learn from stakeholders as they help businesses establish well-thought sustainability agendas and provide guidance on achieving them. Secondly, the idea of sustainable investing is no more foreign. Companies are seeking investment opportunities in businesses that are environmentally friendly and are able to turn the world’s biggest problems into profitable business models. These businesses do generate financial returns but have a strong focus on ensuring the operations are only conducted through sustainable means. For example, businesses prioritize low-carbon emissions and in turn minimal greenhouse emissions to keep the environment safe and secure for carrying out business-related activities (CREDIT SUISSE, 2021). Thirdly, the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing is also an important concept studied in the course. All three domains of ESG are extremely important to organizations today as they are now making effective use of such non-financial factors to identify material risks and growth opportunities associated with a certain business. This is especially very useful for the investors who can then make a better decision of whether to invest or not. Although issues such as climate change, social unrest have made people think about ESG, the current pandemic has made ESG investing accelerate across the globe. In the existing scenarios, the interconnectedness of sustainability and financial system has been the most important topic under discussion, and thus consistent efforts are being made to continue to focus on ESG (Fink, 2016). 

According to World Bank Projects, the developing world’s annual rate of growth will reach 4.7% by 2025 which is almost double what it was back in 2011. This, in turn, is expected to account for 50% of the consumption by 2050. With the growing population, several environmental and social challenges are expected to come along. There are huge threats of global warming which can eventually lead to drought and flooding.

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