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DSM transformed itself from coal to chemical bases and then to nutritional ingredients since the chemical’s prices were quite volatile. This can be termed as a soft problem as high chemical prices tend to be volatile and had larger and serious implication for the entire business in terms of lower profitability. Apart from this, the base chemicals were being used for some time and could not be changed quickly as more time was needed to attain the knowledge and technology required. 

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Considering the problem to be hard, it is clear that the management had clear priorities about what needs to be done and had quantifiable objectives and KPIs, for example, evaluating cost savings. Lastly, the management was clear about the problem involved and what course of action to take. The tropics test can give better insight as it shows that the problem was more hard than soft (Senior & Barbara, 2017).

Moving on the participation in the world food program showed that the management had clear objectives of bringing betterment in society by providing nutritious food to the 90 million people in 80 countries. They were aware of the facts of malnutrition in different economies in addition, the issue could be considered in isolation from the organizational context, as it was a social activity in which the business had taken part. Thus, it was more oriented towards the hard problem aspect. 

The third issue was the diversity in the management considering growing potential from China, India and Brazil. The issue can be considered more of a soft problem, as it would have serious implications for the business, as its management would change. The labour union and the employees might get demotivated, as they might feel threatened.

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