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Amazon in 2020 Case Solution

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Amazon has now entered many different businesses which means that its competitors are different in each. In eCommerce, Walmart and Ali Baba are emerging as one of their competitors as Walmart is trying to translate its success in brick-and-mortar retail to eCommerce (Penmypaper).

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Amazon’s Competitors

  2. Amazon’s Competitive Advantage

Case Analysis for Amazon in 2020 Case Solution

Similarly, as Amazon is entering into groceries with its acquisition of Whole Foods, Walmart will be a major competitor. In subscription services, Amazon’s competitors are Apple, Google, and Netflix (Segal, 2020) as all of them are investing large amounts of money to stay competitive. Amazon’s subscription services include Amazon Prime and offer a subscription to many of its other services. In the web services provided by Amazon, its rivals include Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. As Amazon has throughout the years diversified its portfolio, it does not have a single competitor as no other company has been able to enter into as many businesses as Amazon has. 

2. Amazon’s Competitive Advantage

Amazon’s strategy in each of the businesses that it has entered has been offering low prices, a wide array of products, and convenience to its customers.

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