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Applied Research Technologies Inc Global Innovation s Challenges Case Solution

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The case study tends to put forth a major managerial challenge at Applied Research Technologies, Inc. Vyas, the general manager, took over a team at Filtration Unit, which was facing two challenges, low morale and high turnover. For this purpose, Vyas hired new talents with entrepreneurial mind-set that took care of the high turnover, whilst motivating them adequately to perform at their descriptions. Additionally, the new vice president, Cynthia Jackson, was faced by a paramount challenge of allowing a request to provision $2 million for the re-launch of a mini water-oxidation product. This product launch has had two failures previously. The Indian Technical Centre (ITC) was played a vital role within the research and development efforts underway to create the water oxidation product. One of the important tasks for Peter was also to manage this diverse culture within the team. Now, after extensive research and a three phase plan, the heightened moment was at par to fulfil such a big request.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Determine the leadership style that Peter Vyas exhibited as he considered the group’s proposal and provide examples of his behavior.

  2. What leadership style did Vyas’ boss, Cynthia Jackson, exhibit as she considered the proposal?

  3. Typify your leadership style and indicate how you would let your team know your response to this proposal.

  4. Describe one (1) of your bosses who exhibited the same types of behaviors as Cynthia Jackson and explain how effective that leadership style fit the project.

Applied Research Technologies Inc Global Innovation s Challenges Case Analysis

1. Determine the leadership style that Peter Vyas exhibited as he considered the group’s proposal and provide examples of his behaviour.

Peter attempted to learn from his mistakes and failures rather than losing faith over his abilities, which implies that his leadership style was that of Democratic leadership. This is because he strongly believes that if he attempts to support the team effort, he may have a better chance at bringing back the team credibility and prestige. Considering this approach, he is required to motivate the team members and figure out the problem pertaining to the project. Continuous follow up on the project allowed for devising solutions to peculiar problem areas. Additionally, working with ITC technologies provided the team with a diversified outlook aiding in the identification of impact analysis pertaining to oxidation technology on millions of people in the developing nations.

Peter Vyas, as the general manager of the ART (Applied Research Technologies) Filtration Unit, identified that his team was working diligently to streamline the project elements, which was going through a tough phase. The pertinent goal was essentially to create a mini water-oxidation product, which had been under process for a long time. Albeit, the product went through two phases of failures through the past three years in efforts to make the project a success, it may be fitting to state that the final efforts were now under observation. Peter depicted an enthusiastic nature with a strong interest, even in the after math of two failures that place his credibility in jeopardy.

There were two prominent problems associated with the department prior to Vyas, low morale and growing turnover. Vyas was convinced that survival depended on growth spurring from innovation. Therefore, he attempted to carefully select entrepreneurial-minded individuals to fill the vacancies from the turnover.

Vyas was rather broad minded which was evident from his selection of taskforce and also straight forward in terms of his sound judgement which followed adequately researched market activity and production scenario, which was also evident from the backing up of Wagner with respect to forecasted data, when it was critically speculated by Jackson in terms of underlying assumptions.

2. What leadership style did Vyas’ boss, Cynthia Jackson, exhibit as she considered the proposal?

Cynthia Jackson depicts a consultative leadership behaviour, which can be described as allowing for lower programmability and lower job autonomy with respect to the Leadership Style Matrix. Consultative leadership essentially depicts strong focus on the supportive dimension in terms of an autarkic nature, yet retaining a certain level of emphasis on the task itself. Cynthia arrived as the new vice president of the Water Management Division to ensure the feasibility of greater riskiness within the operational capacity.

Cynthia realized that Vyas was doing great as a leader yet the team lacked discipline, leading to the current problems. Considering the fact that team was exceedingly committed towards the project, she delineated a succinct three-phase plan to ascertain a comprehensively planned product launch. The three phases were essentially market analysis, development of technology, and planning of business. While reviewing the Phase 1 data compilation, Jackson advised the team to consider the area or scope of the project prior to gaining approval for the second phase. Subsequently, Jackson responded favourably to data compiled on technology and aided Peter in contrasting engineers and managers from other divisions to become a member of the team. Considering such efforts, the team was considered as highly efficient and made considerable improvements to the product design while abating the manufacturing costs. Peter and his team were not ready for the third phase and/or its approval. Jackson was keen to acquire the financials and project risk assessment in order to make intelligent decisions.

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