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Boldly Go Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare

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Josie Walsh, the vice president who was later appointed as CEO of Providence health care demonstrated value based transformation leadership. Her values of integrity, authenticity, accountability, and humility were perfectly aligned with the core values and mission of Providence Healthcare. Her commitment and exceptional leadership skills helped drive a transformation at Providence in terms of high-quality patient care, innovation, a balanced budget, and high morale and satisfaction rate among the employees of Providence.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Type of leadership that was demonstrated and any leadership opportunities that will help sustain the momentum and build the future.

Case Study Questions Answers

Value based leadership is a leadership style that builds upon the values of the leader and others- including the values of the team and principle values established by the organization (Hilvert, 2020). Value-based leadership style instills common values in the workforce influencing their commitment and willingness towards their duties and organization (Hilvert, 2020). This leadership style arises from the philosophy that people are motivated by their beliefs and values and when they identify similar values in their leader, they are more willing to follow instructions and work cordially. This promotes engagement, high performance, high satisfaction, and retention rates – fostering growth and profitability in organizations (Gleeson, 2021).

Value based leaders have certain distinct qualities and characteristics that make them a successful leader. One of those characteristics is respect for teamwork (Research Gate, 2018). A value based leader believes in engaging and empowering the workforce through teamwork and collaboration. As seen in the case, Walsh moved forward with her goal of transformation through open collaborations and team work with her stakeholders. This helped her to benefit from transformational ideas and inputs from staff, health care professionals, patients and their families, community partners, and donors. Her strategy helped her build strong relationships, alliances and win trust, support and engagement throughout the organization. This characteristic of her leadership was one of the key drivers of the change she brought to the organization.

Another important characteristic of a value based leader is belief in human potential (Research Gate, 2018). This quality was visible in Walsh. As discussed in the case, she was quick to identify and acknowledge good ideas and leadership abilities in others. An important part of leadership is to enable others to step up into their leadership (DASKAL, 2016). That is what Walsh did by encouraging Lean and Thelma to be leaders and enable their career growth.  

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