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The main product offering is moving services the production of which is done by integrating services of packing, loading, cleaning of the storage facilities, moving, unloading, unpacking and arranging of items. The main ingredients for production are moving equipment, trucks, and human resource. The distribution is ensured to be efficient. This means ensuring that the usage of technology ensures that the most cost efficient as well as time efficient way of moving is discovered. Since the business would operate in the whole of Canada, ensuring that the proper technology is in place that leads to efficient processes. The distribution efficiency will allow the company to develop a brand image that is characterized by the trust that customers have in the business related to timely and efficient delivery.

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  1. Business Plan – Product and Services

Case Analysis for Business Plan Case Solution

The business plan is to be formulated around the competitive advantage of providing all sorts of facilities to its customers. This includes allowing them to rent trucks as well as moving equipment if they want to move themselves. Furthermore, the facilities of a tracking system offer a substantive competitive advantage for the business. This is because it offers knowledge to the customer leading to the development of trust in a business. Also, this knowledge not only works to build trust with the business but also to ease customer interaction leading them to buy the product or service (Al-Shammari, 2009).

Proprietary Positions, Research and Development, and Future Products / Services

The proprietary positions should assume different roles in the business. This would include each partner being allocated to a single department. However, integration among them is necessary to ensure that the brand image developed is as per the vision of the business that showcases its unique offerings. Furthermore, the proprietary positions and their share in the company will be determined by the investment made by the proprietor. This will ensure that those who have invested more have a greater share of the organization’s profits.

The research and development function of the organization will serve to research on the customer. The consumer research will result in the business acquiring knowledge about the needs and wants of the customers and develop business offerings that cater to these needs and demands. Also, the research and development function could work on improving the efficiency of the current system by focusing on technological advancements that ensure the timely as well as cost-efficient delivery because low prices are also one of the factors that comprise the unique selling proposition of the business.

The future products and services would include expanding to other countries. Additional services such as providing selling services to the customers who are moving to get them additional benefits from the sale of items that thy do not wish to move. This is because, during moving, the customers would opt to leave some items. These selling services would have a margin for the movers, providing an additional profiting opportunity.

Packaging / Distribution

Packaging is one of those factors that serve as the brand’s communication. It is one of the integral components of the marketing mix implying that is highly important for the business. The right packaging develops a communication effort that attracts customers. It also serves to prevent the product inside from damaging and ensures that quality is delivered (Agariya, Johari, Sharma, Chandraul, & Singh, 2012).

The packaging will include packing of the items to be moved. The packaging will be done separately for fragile objects and separately for other objects. However, the packaging for all item will be such that ensures the safe delivery of the item to the destination. Furthermore, the packaging will be done in special boxes. These boxes will be printed with the moving company’s logo, name, and vision. This will serve as a marketing for the company for others who are observing the efficiency and offerings that the business has. This logo will also serve to develop a brand image of the company. Also, this logo will depict the personality of the brand that will attract the target customers.

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