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BuzzFeed The Promise of Native Advertising Case Solution

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The case study titled "The Promise of Native Advertising" by BuzzFeed is an overview of the potential benefits of native advertising for brands and publishers and tracks the background of Buzzfeed's founder, along with showcasing how Buzzfeed managed to grow via native ads, a new foray into social media marketing, which did not previously exist outside of physical editorials. Buzzfeed became popular by creating entertaining and relatable content and added the concept of native advertising, merging advertisements with their editorial content, which eventually became a large revenue stream for the company. To attract more readers, they moved from cat GIFs and funny lists to political news. 

These ads matched Buzzfeed's tone and style. Buzzfeed's readership grew exponentially and moved to social media, which eventually became the target audience for the company. However, native advertising was criticized for blurring editorial and advertising content. Critics worried that readers might accidentally click on sponsored content, thinking it was editorial, which would create confusion and effectively be misdirecting the target audience of the company. Despite these factors, Buzzfeed's native advertising strategy generated revenue and expanded its audience, making it one of the most popular website pages on social media apps such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Think of a list that is likely to go viral on Buzzfeed. What headline would you choose? On which social network will it be shared more often?

  2. Think of a native ad that is likely to be shared. What is the headline? How do successful pieces of editorial content and popular Buzzfeed ads differ?

  3. Does Buzzfeed have a sustainable competitive advantage?

Case Study Questions Answers

1. Think of a list that is likely to go viral on Buzzfeed. What headline would you choose? On which social network will it be shared more often?

Buzzfeed is a website that places a significant emphasis on viral content, and one of the primary strategies they employ is the practice of compiling lists that cater to a diverse set of interests. Keeping this information in mind, one headline on Buzzfeed that has the potential to become extremely popular is titled "The Top 50 Most Surprising Celebrity Lookalikes." This list will probably include photographs of famous people alongside their eerie doubles, illustrating the startling likenesses that exist between the two sets of individuals. This list can potentially become extremely popular on Buzzfeed for several reasons. To begin, the material is highly shareable and interesting to those who read it. People enjoy looking at pictures of famous people, and discovering people who look like them is always an exciting and surprising find. In addition, the list format is ideal for Buzzfeed's audience because it makes it simple to scroll through the content and takes in the information in a more concise manner.

Second, the list's title is intriguing and draws the reader's attention, so that's a plus. It claims that it will reveal an unexpected connection between celebrities and regular people, which is certain to pique the interest of many Buzzfeed users. In addition, the statement that there will be "50" entries gives the impression that there is a great deal of content to investigate and interact with, which increases the likelihood that users will pass along the list to their acquaintances. Regarding social networks, Facebook will likely be the social network where this list is shared the most frequently. Buzzfeed maintains a sizeable presence on Facebook, with over 11 million people following their main page. In addition, Facebook's algorithm is designed to prioritize content that is both interesting and easy to share, which increases the likelihood that a more diverse audience will view the list.

Making content that is not only interesting but also easily shareable and suitable for a wide variety of audiences is essential. While the list's title should be attention-grabbing and hint at something surprising or intriguing, the content itself should be presented in a format that is simple to read and easy to distribute. With all of these components in place, a list on Buzzfeed entitled "The Top 50 Most Surprising Celebrity Lookalikes" could become extremely popular, especially on Facebook.

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