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Caesars Entertainment: CodeGreen Case Solution

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586 616 Words (3 Pages) George Serafeim, Robert G. Eccles, Tiffany A. Clay Harvard Business School : 111115
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A long term goal that will promote Caesars Entertainment sustainability program over the next ten years is employee engagement, and one major problem that may be a cause of concern is if employee compensation should be linked with Caesars Entertainment's performance measures. Another problem that stands in the way of employee engagement is the bureaucratic culture and structure that usually takes over a company with its growing size and institutionalizing projects.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Strategic Issues and Problems

  2. Evaluation and Analysis

  3. Alternatives

  4. Plan of Action

Caesars Entertainment Cod Green Case Analysis

Evaluation and Analysis

Despite receiving the award for "Most Generous Company in America" from BusinessWeek in 2007, the recession forced the company into a fierce cost cutting program that highly affected the employee morale. In order to make the sustainability initiative a successive Caesars Entertainment will have to make sure that employees are not only professionally but also emotionally engaged in the tasks they perform. Simply put, the employees should have something to be proud of. The company has also made use of a top down strategy to make sure that tools are handed to the employees so that they have the power to design projects.

Although, competition among employees is a positive element and serves as a motivation but questions need to be asked to regard the sustainability, validity and reliability of the metric-based approach set in place by Caesars Entertainment. Also, the metric-based approach works on the principle of winning and not compensation. Although as per Loveman “Not everything has to be tied to compensation", but in the current financial situation is winning all an individual is looking for or financial compensation too is required? However, answering this question may not solve our problem but raise another one; to identify the measures to be linked with employee compensation.


In order to link compensations with sustainability measures, Caesars Entertainment will need to improve its scorecard ingredients. Currently it only focuses on two factors related to employees; employee impact and employee engagement. The sole measure of employee impact is the results as perceived by Employee opinion Survey and engagement is measured in terms of hours dedicated to a particular project. An element that this scorecard ignores is the longevity of the projects initiated by the employees. Limiting the value of employees to a survey and hours dedicated cannot being an accurate measure of the true value an employee imparts to the projects. Compensation should also be based on the amount of time a particular project is able to survive. Also, the life of an individual employee in that particular company or organization should be taken as a measure of commitment to the cause and employees should be compensated accordingly.

Plan of Action

In today's world, the concept of face time is also being replaced by flex place and flexes time. This concept has already been employed by many of the most progressive companies and can help employees schedule their work day around their own convenience. In this manner work does not seem to be a burden and employees will not feel distracted or disengaged.

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