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Chick Fil A Bird Of A Different Feather Case Solution

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Chick-fil-A (CFA), a popular Southern American restaurant most famous for its sandwiches. The restaurant is a private and a family controlled business. The business management and strategic direction are influenced by the owner's religious stance as well as biblical principles followed by the owner. The mission that is followed by the restaurant is, ‘to glorify God by being faithful steward to all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive attitude influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.’ the problem highlighted in the case pertains to an issue where the owner made controversial remarks, largely against gay marriages.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Analysis

  3. Solution

  4. Justification

  5. Summary

  6. Question / Answer

  • What are some of the strategic challenges facing Click-Fil-A?

  • What Strategic Leadership initiatives helped Click-Fil-A attain success?

  • How has Click-Fil-A adapted to the ever-changing external environment, including the ways in which customers communicate?

  • Comment on some strategic strengths that Click-Fil-A has capitalized on for competitive advantage.

Case Analysis for Chick Fil A Bird Of A Different Feather Case Solution

2. Analysis

The restaurant is privately owned and controlled and is managed through strong family dynamics and philosophies. This is seen through a close and well-planned execution of succession planning to ensure that the business remains within the family as well as through biblical religious standing. The focus on people – an aspect of strategic management by the restaurant, is also colored with religious standing as it proposes shorter business hours and community involvement in the running of the business. The fact that the business is closed on Sunday for maintain track of accounts etc. is also showing hints of religious connotations as Sunday is a revered day in Christianity.

The company’s business model is similar to those of other restaurants – such as KFC. However, the close family owned circumstances make it a more controlled affair (Namin, 2017). In line with their religious beliefs, the proposed mission statement of the business is also strange for a fast food restaurant. The mission statement does not reflect of the business, its expansion aspirations, or quality controls – but instead, focuses on religious duties in line with the restaurant. As such, it should have been no surprise when the business owner made negative comments about gay marriages and quoted the biblical definition of marriage. In retaliation, and as a means of protest, the gay community had boycotted the restaurant. Interestingly, however, the controversy increased the brand's awareness and helped increase market share by 0.6%. Moreover, supported of the restaurant showed support through standing in long lines, waiting for the food. In this regard, it is important to understand the company's culture first, and then question whether such a culture and management philosophy is viable for long-term sustainability of business, or whether it should be foregone in favor of a more contemporary management style (Klein, 2016)?

3. Solution

As a possible solution, it is proposed that the restaurant broadens its strategic focus of focusing on the humane lament of the business. The business has been well-known to focus on employees and manage them well to allow increased profitability for the business’s this is also visible through the internal organizational culture and processes, as well as increased organizational commitment and loyalty on the part of the employees. However, focusing on employees is not enough, the company should enhance its focus on the customers, and also broaden its tolerance levels (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2015). This means that the company should try to maintain the difference between the professional management of the business as well as personal views and beliefs. Both should be treated as separate entities. The focus and aim of the business should also be separate from the religious stance of the owners (Mayo, 2016). As such, as part of the solution, the company should try to look at the gay community as just customers- regardless of their sexual orientation (Markwell & Waitt, 2015). Moreover, they should also try to increase their understanding of the gay community to be able to come to mutual agreements and considerations, so as to peacefully coexist. This should be shown through the communication campaigns of the business as well. ‘As for the immediate controversy, it is pertinent that the company makes use of PR expertise to control the damage. However, this would be needed to be done very tactfully so that the supporter of the restaurant is not angered, and at the same time, the gay community is also soothed. This could be done through, for example, an innovative marketing deal or camping, or even through carefully drafted public statements (Kell, 2016).

4. Justification

A business is seen to be a separate entity from that of the owners. It has an identity of its own, as well as separate responsibilities. The business, in this manner, is expected to operate as a responsible community member (Thompson, 2001). In this regard, the responsibility of the business lies not only towards the employees, but also towards the customers, and the society at large. Moreover, the primary focus of business so profitability, and for that, it needs to maintain focus on customers regardless of their personal beliefs and views (Dransfield, 2001).

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