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Chlorhexidine Adoption in Nigeria Case Solution

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The current healthcare system of Nigeria can be classified as mere abysmal if viewed upon by quantitative and qualitative data provided in the case study. Before coming about infant mortality in the nation it is important to understand the current health practices which are prevalent in the country and how they subsequently affect the system of natal care and infant mortality.

Case Study Questions Answers

The current high rates of infant mortality can be credited to the fact that the country not only has an alarmingly low literacy rate but also fails to conform to the modern standards of healthcare which are more than necessary to prevent infections and early deaths for infants. Before the age of eight years old, almost 1 in 8 children die an alarmingly high figure. 

The situation is also worsened by the fact that the majority of the childbirths in the country, almost 67 percent, take place outside the conventional healthcare facilities and are done at home. Many mothers prefer to birth their children in their homes for the sole reason that it is a culture to have a delivery at home. Furthermore, a portion of these mothers does not prefer to go to healthcare facilities because they do not trust them. 

Due to these reasons, the infant and the mother are exposed to a variety of infections at home due to improper sterilization and a lack of resources. Furthermore, the situation of natal health is also worsened due to improper care and treatment of the umbilical cord. Most of the infections find their way through the umbilical cord. Many new mothers cut off their cord because they find it rather unattractive and culturally, they believe that they must cut it off before the naming ceremony of the baby. For this reason, they often want it to fall off as quickly as possible, and therefore they use a substance by the name of methylated spirits which often led to a majority of infections and unsanitary conditions for the baby and the mother. 

PEST Analysis of Nigeria

For an overview with the help of a model, the PEST analysis framework is going to be utilized. Nigeria is a federal republic, as it comprises 36 states and a federal capital territory. The states of Nigeria employ a semi-autonomous system of government as they work closely with the central government as well (Alubo, 2011). 

The GDP of Nigeria, according to the information of the World Bank in 2021 was about $448 billion, however, this figure is expected to be below the figure presented in the year 2019. The country is one of the largest producers of oil and gas in the world. Nonetheless, this ability of the country has yet to yield a favorable result when it comes to better conditions of healthcare in the country (Britannica, 2022). 

For the social structure of the country, English is the main language spoken there and Islam and Christianity are the major two religions. The country is expected to be the third-largest nation in the world with a population of 387 million in 25 years. This growing rate of the population makes it extremely necessary for there to be a proper system of healthcare in the country. The country also faces rising levels of poverty, inequality, unemployment, and more importantly poor literacy rate (Worldometer, 2022).

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