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Chobani Growing A Live and Active Culture Abridged Case Solution

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Chobani is an American yogurt company started in 2005 that specialises in strained yogurt. Because of its greater protein content than that of regular yogurt, the company's thick and Greek-style yogurt has become one of the most popular options on the market. On top of that, the company claims that it is the best-selling Greek yogurt brand in America and that it operates the world's largest yogurt plant (Ulukaya, Hamdi, 2013). Among the company's offerings are several kinds of Greek or strained yogurt, beverages, and flip snacks, one of which is smooth. The mission statement explains the organization's goals and responsibilities.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Mission

  3. Goal

  4. Core Competency

  5. Customer Characteristics

  6. Competitors

  7. Marketing Objectives

  8. Conclusion

Case Analysis for Chobani Growing A Live and Active Culture Abridged Case Solution

2. Mission

Chobani's objective is to provide healthier meals to a wide range of people while also defining itself as a food-focused wellness brand. In order to help the planet, people, and communities, the firm is fully committed to actively improving its food system (Margolis & Preble, 2019). As a firm, Chobani has a simple mission statement that reflects the company's vision for the future. Chobani, on the other hand, has a market share of 18.6% in the United States, making it the biggest yogurt brand. Because of what Chobani has proved to be to its consumers, the mission statement of the firm is clear to them (Margolis & Preble, 2019). 

3. Goal

A goal is what a person or organisation hopes to accomplish. However, people and organisations strive to accomplish their goals in a limited amount of time by defining goals. Chobani's product, as well as what it signifies to the consumer, is the company's focus. The company's goal here is to modify consumer perceptions about yogurt, as well as how, when, and why they consume it. In spite of the fact that they are identical in form, the company's mission and goal statements express quite different parts of the company's identity and aspirations ( Chobani, 2022).

4. Core Competency

Product quality is one of the company's main capabilities. As a health food company, Chobani claims to be the most popular Greek yogurt brand in the United States and to operate the largest yogurt plant in the world. In comparison to its industry rivals, the items that this business creates are of superior quality (Margolis & Preble, 2019). When it comes to Greek yogurt, Chobani has only high-quality strains that are made with all-natural components. Products from the firm are high in protein, unlike conventional, unstrained yogurt, which is Kosher certified and ultimately created from milk that has not been maintained with growth hormones such as rBST (Ulukaya, Hamdi, 2013). To make one liter of Chobani, the firm must filter three liters of milk. In addition, the goods are sugar-free, making them ideal for those who are controlling their weight. In spite of this, Chobani is pleased to be able to provide its consumers with high-quality goods. 

5. Customer Characteristics

Chobani and Greek yogurt have become more popular as a result of their introduction and widespread availability. The act of eating yogurt from a Chobani cup is often seen as hip and shows that the person in question is health-conscious and, thus, may belong to a more affluent socioeconomic category. Affluent, health-conscious women in their forties and fifties are the primary demographic that the firm is now courting. In addition, Chobani is aimed towards a younger demographic that includes women. 14 percent of Chobani yogurt users are women in the 25-54 age range, according to research, and this group ultimately accounts for more than 48 percent of all customers (Ulukaya, Hamdi, 2013). Customers of Chobani yogurt are very devoted to the brand since they are prepared to pay extra for it because it helps their dietary system. Customers' purchase decisions are influenced by a wide range of factors. In addition to the product's newness and health benefits, cultural factors impact the consumption of Greek yogurt (Margolis & Preble, 2019). Health-conscious consumers are drawn to anything that is labeled as a healthy replacement for food in Greek society, which has grown in recent years. Consumption of Greek yogurt has increased from 1% in 2007 to 36% in 2013, and the trend is expected to continue. Despite the health benefits of Greek yogurt, it is also a factor that drives people away. Yogurt, like any other meal, must be refrigerated to keep it safe, unlike its rivals' fruits, which don't need to be refrigerated. Fruit cups, for example, maybe used in children's lunchboxes because of this (Margolis & Preble, 2019).

6. Competitors

It's no secret that Chobani is up against intense competition from other companies in the market that sell comparable goods. Dole, Fage, Yoplait, and General Mills are a few of Chobani's competitors. However, data shows that 75 percent of the country's yogurt business is controlled by Chobani, Danone, and General Mills (Dharmasena, Okrent, & Capps, 2014). Dole is the most significant indirect Chobani rival, with a wide range of goods to choose from. Dole specifically targets women between the ages of 25 and 45 in this instance (Dharmasena, Okrent, & Capps, 2014).

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