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Clarence Hall University and the Donation Case Solution

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Good Afternoon to all the board members and I am genuinely thankful to each one of you for taking out time to make a joint decision on a matter that confronts all of us. Clarence Hall University is in possession of eight million British pounds that have been gifted by a questionable body. The university has received these funds from Natour Charitable Foundation, which is headed by a despot, a mass-murderer, and a dictator. We utilize these funds to create a cure for an ailment suffered by millions around the globe and to educate those needy students who have no recourse to pay for their higher education.

Today we are going to make the decision of whether to return these funds to condemn the actions of Ibn Jarrah Natour or to continue to use these funds for the noble causes. It is a major ethical dilemma. I am here to facilitate you in this decision making by providing all the information that is needed to make this decision. The information needs to be evaluated using models of ethics to determine the right course of action.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Projects that are funded by the Donation

  3. Ethical Principles

  4. ​Conclusion

Case Analysis for Clarence Hall University and the Donation Case Solution

Projects that are funded by the Donation

A critical component of the decision making is to take an overview of the projects that are being funded by the eight million pounds donation from Natour Charitable Foundation. The following are the two projects that are funded by the donation money:

Leukemia Research 

Leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow cells. The ailment affects millions of people worldwide and is known by the appalling name of blood cancer. Leukemia is only cancer that impacts a vast majority of children rather than adults (Harmon, 2012). Thus, the disease creates enormous financial and psychological strain on the lives of the millions of the people. The good news is that leukemia is the only form of cancer whose treatment is progressing faster than any other forms of cancer (Harmon, 2012). Clarence Hall University has allocated five million pounds of the funds received from Natour Charitable Foundation. The research project is headed by Dr. Stephen White, and the research is in highly promising stages. He is globally renowned for the research work he has done so far and currently he is on the verge of making a commercially viable treatment of this cancer.

Here I would like to share some technical details of his to give you a sense of the scientific breakthrough we are going to achieve wit this project. Dr. White had developed a procedure – here in the laboratory of the university – that makes it easier to multiply blood samples within the spinal cord of the patients. He is developing drugs that will allow controlling the behavior of a leukemic cell. The drug developed by him can also be used to prevent the spread of a disease among high-risk individuals. Although this drug cannot strictly be categorized as a vaccination against leukemia, it shall represent a kind of functional equivalent. If we withdraw funds from the research project at this time, it will destroy the entire progress of Dr. White’s team that had taken years to accomplish. One of the human subjects under his experimental treatment is a seven year old girl suffering from an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, who has shown rapid progress during the previous three months. Another subject is undergoing a genetic treatment. She is 11-months old British girl who has shown remarkable improvement thanks to the experimental drug administered under this research project. Her leukemia was so aggressive that such a response from the drug is almost a miracle. Ladies and gentlemen, the lives of these two British girls and millions of people worldwide hang on the decision we make tonight about the donation funds that have been received by the university.

Scholarship Funds 

Out of the eight million pounds, Clarence Hall University has used three million pounds to provide scholarships to the needy students. These are the students who have ambitions to free themselves and their families from the shackles of poverty. A lot of you will ask why we need scholarships for the students. We need scholarships for the students because the British college education has been rendered unaffordable for a vast proportion of the students. In the US, a university student is expected pay on average 18,000 to 15,000 pounds for a university degree (Ruckestein, Smith, & Owen, 2016). For some universities based in major cities like London, this cost can go up to 50,000 pounds. In the UK, the average tuition fee is £5000 per year, but it can go up to 9000 pounds sterling for the most prestigious universities (Ruckestein, Smith, & Owen, 2016) The increase in tuition fees is creating income gaps and social divide within the UK society. Indeed, you would all have heard the stories about students taking to the streets against this gross increase. Because of high tuition fees, most English students have to take a loan to pay for their studies and are therefore indebted even before they found a job (Belfast Telegraph, 2016).

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