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Coca Cola Popular Music and the FIFA World Cup Case Solution

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In the current times, sports and music are being used in combination as part of marketing strategies to influence the buying decisions of the people. The Coca-Cola brand and many other famous brands are effectively using sound advertising to influence the masses towards the brand and increase the level of brand awareness and brand associations (Allan, 2007). Coca-Cola needs to decide on the marketing strategy for the 2018 World Cup in Russia based on its previous sports marketing campaigns. However, there is a huge cultural gap between the Russian market where the new campaign would be based and the Brazilian and African market where the previous campaigns were conducted.

Case Analysis for Coca Cola Popular Music and the FIFA World Cup

Music and sports play an important role in defining culture as people associate themselves with it. This can be seen to be true in the case of Coca-Cola as most of its campaigns make use of a combination of music and sports in its advertising to engage its target audience (Allan, 2008). It has been assumed that music and sports complement each other which is why they cannot be separated and are considered an integral part of any national culture. This is why every sports event had an element of music as people would associate important aspects of their lives with the music and would develop a connection between music and sports. This was found to be quite true in the case of Africa where music was considered an important part of the football sport. The respective sports fans are able to bond with each other through the music as they motivate the team that they are supporting.

The global music strategy of Coca-Cola concerns linking it to the popular culture for a brand to band extension as it focused on creating campaigns that would become a part of the popular culture. Coca-Cola made use of many artists who had different, unique sounds and finally came up with its music logo which was a five-note melody. The music marketing heads at Coca-Cola effectively integrated music into sports as part of its brand marketing strategy in order to get a higher degree of reach and achieve the marketing objectives of the company. It is for this reason why Coca-Cola developed an anthem for the FIFA World Cup as it helped in customer engagement since the soccer fans would sing the song in eh stadium and would develop a connection with the Coca-Cola brand. This was well justified by the fact that the video received millions of views on YouTube and generated a significant number of sales for the company. Hence, Coca Cola targeted different markets which are considered to be of high potential, identified the gaps in the market, and made use of music and sports to convey its message and leave an impact on the lives of its target customers so that they develop a strong brand loyalty towards the brand. 

As it is known that Coca Cola made use of a number of artists to perform for it, it did not seem feasible to select these and require them to travel to different places around the world to complete the campaign as then it would be quite costly for Coca Cola and would offset any potential revenue gains. Apart from this, even when Coca-Cola created its own music solution, the challenge was to translate the created music for the international audience so that they can better resonate and associate with the brand. Also, once the music had been decided, the next challenge was to find the artist who would actually be reflecting the brand. This is important to consider, given the fact that Coca Cola's strategy was strongly linked with integrating music into the sports properties which is why the artists selected will need to embody that sort of energy and optimism that he would channel to the audience and reflect the positivity associated with the Coke brand. 

One unique thing about Coca-Cola's marketing strategy is that makes use of a number of artists with unique music that would distinguish it from other brands and make it popular among sports fans. This further allowed it to get brand awareness among its target audience. Coca-Cola's music strategy in terms of FIFA World Cup 2010 has been quite distinct in the sense that the intention of the campaign was to create a FIFA song such that the stadium of soccer fans would sing along the song. Coke therefore actively worked with the entertainment companies which enabled it to develop a musical focal point of its marketing campaign. Coca Coal collaborated with K' Naan who sang the original version of the song and recorded other versions as well that were distributed worldwide. Hence, this is one reason why Coca-Cola's campaign was a success as K' Naan traveled around 88 countries in the world where he did his shows for Coke. The partnership was a success as Coke got a high degree of customer awareness and K' Naan was put I a place of the biggest stars as he grew immensely popular.  

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