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Curana Managing Open Innovation For Growth In SMEs A Case Solution

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Curana was a small family business of the third generation located in Belgium. Since 1990, the company was the merger of two brothers Ven and Geert- Chief operating officer at Curana. Curana was involved in OEM (original equipment manufacturers) of bicycle accessories like mudguards and luggage carriers along with the frames. After some time, industry trends were increasing, Curana started responding to the requirements of the customers like Mountain Bikes and the overall bicycle industry was rapidly internationalizing. In 1999, Curana faced stiffed competition from the manufacturers of mudguards which was no longer produced from steel but also from polypropylene and aluminum. With this increasing competition, in 1999, Curana decided to become a product-driven company whose focus will be on the innovation and design of products that would be new to the market and the only one to offer them. And in this way, Curana focused on top segments of the bicycle industry and introduced design-based and innovative bicycle accessories.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Introduction

  2. Who are the external knowledge providers?

  3. What is Ven’s role in managing the open innovation network?

  4. What has been the strengths and weakness in the implementation of the open innovation business model?

Case Study Questions Answers

In 2006-2008, Ven explored continuously new trends, fashion, new materials, and technology with their innovation partners. The Curana Company didn’t have its own capability to manufacture and design the parts, they adopted the Open Innovation strategy which involves a different type of relationships and mergers with internal and external partners to design and develop our ideas and manufacture them (Chesbrough, 2006) and in this way Ven make sure that he maintained the close ties with different suppliers, designers, manufacturers to get it done as it’s really important for successful implementation of the open innovation strategy as in the relationship ties with our partner is the key important (Vanhaverbeke & Roijakkers, 2013) As Curana came to know that for bicycle industry success, the lifestyle of people is important to consider in design and manufacturing. Through these different collaborations, the information, exchange, and sharing of ideas, technology usage, open communication, and brainstorming would be got easy. Apart from that, the open innovation strategy causes some disagreements in terms of profit sharing and growth, and then Ven had communicated that the open innovation strategy is all about and it would get success when their partners would give its best and would be equally awarded (Curana: Managing Open Innovation for Growth in SMEs (A), 2017).

With these fast-paced market changes, Curana decided to grow further and enter into new segment and they have different more strategic alternative paths to go for which are offering exclusive designs, expanding from bicycles to cyclists and bicycle accessories, expanding to entirely new markets. The next part of the report will cover the pros and cons of each alternative and based on those we will choose one strategic option that would add value to the overall business of Curana.

2. Who are the external knowledge providers?

  • Pilipili: Pilipili is the designer neighboring company that develops a new variety of plastic mudguards

  • Batavus: Batavus is one of the main clients of Curana and the Dutch bicycle manufacturer

  • A glue manufacturer

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