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Disaster in April The Obligations of Kelly Construction Case Solution

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2526 671 Words (4 Pages) John D. Macomber, Christopher Gordon, Ben Creo Harvard Business School : 209099
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Paul Kelly, the CEO of Key Builders, must take a crucial decision amidst his company's crises (Macomber, et al., 2009). Considering the circumstances, the best course of action that can be taken is to look for new capital investments from new lenders or investors. This doesn't look easy considering its current situation, but it is still achievable if done wisely. Kelly had a strong reputation in the construction market and must have connections with many lenders and investors (Macomber, et al., 2009).

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Kelly needs to utilize these connections and convince them to invest in his company through his persuasiveness and interpersonal skills. Since Kelly could influence people and get work out of them, he needs to utilize the same skills in front of investors and lenders to convince them. Kelly can also use the brand reputation of the company. He can also state the majestic and grand projects that he completed rapidly. He can also comment about the profitability ratios of the company and how the company is good at generating profits in a short period. 

Another way can be to offer incentives to the investors or lenders to see the investment in the company as beneficial for them in the long run.

Modern Art Center (MAC) was an important client of Kelly's Company. The relationship between Kelly and MAC was strained due to the incompleteness of the building. Kelly's company was going too slow, while MAC wanted to see the completion of the building at the earliest since they had their plans. 

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