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ETrade Securities Inc Case Solution

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1953 435 Words (2 Pages) Rajiv Lal, Chuck Glew, Mark Lotke, Mario Palumbo, Marc Schwartz Stanford Graduate School of Business : M286
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Initially E-Trade should increase its penetration in existing segment through better quality but not through the price war. To achieve this target, it should work to gain the confidence of potential customers towards e-transactions. As mentioned in the case investors are willing to shift on an electronic system but are hesitant because of security concerns.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. What should ETrade do to increase profitability in the long run?

Case Analysis for ETrade Securities Inc

To overcome this security hurdle, Etrade should advertise the reliability of its system through live demonstrations. It should offer free short trainings for investors who have little expertise in using the computer. In this way, Etrade can attract more customers, which will increase its market share. Ultimately number of the transaction will increase which will add up to the profitability of Etrade. In parallel to above actions, Etrade should work on increasing the capacity of its system to handle the increase in number of customers. Because based on the above recommendation new customers will add up in Etrade database, and if the system is not ready to handle this increase in load then this effort will not benefit Etrade. Because if the first experience of new customer is not good then retaining that the customer is difficult. In e-business, such bad experience spreads rapidly through electronic communities and this makes the life of the service provider difficult. So capacity enhancement is highly recommended in parallel to confidence gaining campaign.

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