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For The Love Of Laundry Comparing Organizational Forms To Scale A Social Enterprise Case Solution

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The main issue is that a model should be chosen in which the social value grows. Scaling up as a co-operative can help in scaling production because of traditional investors. One strong advantage that the products have over big-brand products is its environmentally friendly ingredients. The inclusion of a financial goal without the risk of erosion of the social identity would help in competing directly with the big-brand products because the weakness of unavailability at big stores would be resolved.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Current Situation and Central Issues

  2. SWOT Analysis

  3. Solution Alternatives and Decision Criteria Table 

  4. Strategic Formation and Recommendations 

Case Analysis for For The Love Of Laundry Comparing Organizational Forms To Scale A Social Enterprise Case Solution

1. Current Situation and Central Issues

Melissa Power, the founder of ‘For the Love of Laundry’, was weighting options to scale up her social enterprise. The enterprise sold laundry supplies through several channels to generate profits for hosting free laundry events for the needy. However, it was critical to scale the business to assure that the vision of the enterprise to help more people was achieved. Following are the central issues:

  • Retail partnership development was critical for financial growth, however, inconsistent sales hindered this aspect.

  • The model should be such that allows social value and model to grow.

2. SWOT Analysis


  • Strong social vision

  • Successfully running enterprise

  • Distinctive idea

  • Good profit margins from product sales

  • Environmentally friendly products



  • Not available in big-brand stores

  • Small stores do not stock up, but order based on need

  • Production scaling in this model would be useless because of demand-based sales and no warehousing


  • Scale-up as a for profit business

  • Scale-up as a non-profit organization

  • Scale-up as a registered charity

  • Scale-up as a co-operative


  • All scaling up options result in loss-of-control for founders

  • Three of the four options do not attract traditional investors

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