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Great Western Hospital High Risk Pregnancy Care Case Solution

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Great Western Hospital is a hospital that was opened in 2002 and is located in Wiltshire, Southwest England. The hospital has been known for its services in an emergency, surgical, pediatric, and other domains. Since it is part of the NHS Foundation Trust, it receives its funding from the trust which allows it to serve its community. Moreover, since it merged with Wiltshire Community Health Services, it has become the largest maternity provider in the UK. Since Great Western Hospital specializes and is known for delivering babies, it has had to go through various stages of growth to improve its pregnancy care. These improvements were necessary since there were multiple issues with their program in the beginning. Since healthcare is of immense importance, Dr. Narayan tried to analyze how to improve the maternity program across England.

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The first significant issue that Great Western Hospital had to face was prematurity. Babies that were born in England during that time were suffering from prematurity, and they identified that weight at birth was correlated with survival. Babies that were born prematurely had to rely on intensive care, which cost a lot. They required different services, and the total amount spent on the child could go above 100,000 pounds. This was extremely expensive, and GWS had to identify ways to improve the situation. 

Moreover, another reason that was concerning for GWS was the increase in premature babies due to assisted reproductive techniques. Multiple pregnancies were increasing, which led to an increased risk of premature birth. This was due to the lack of adequate blood supply and nutrients. So, those pregnancies that arose from in vitro fertilization faced a greater risk of premature birth and growth. This means that delivery was severely impacted due to the way that assisted reproduction techniques, which was a cause of great concern for the hospital. 

Another cause of concern for GWS was the increase in high-risk pregnancies. The number had gone up to 56% in 2010 from 40% in 2007. This was a 16% increase in three years which is a substantial amount. The increase in high-risk pregnancies was associated with the increasing age of mothers as the number of older women at GWH have been increasing over time, and the obesity rate has also been increasing, which means that GWH has had to rely on assistive techniques like vitro fertilization to help with the delivery. 

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