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Growing The Mamas And Papas Brand Case Solution

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The case highlights the inception and growth of the Mamas & Papas brand, a magazine targeted towards black parents living in Africa. The founder of the brand, Nawaal Motlekar, had rich experience in the field of publications and print media. Before creating the brand, Motlekar was deeply passionate about parenting and wanted to help individuals from disadvantaged communities. She realized that parenting magazine were sparse, and most of them were quite westernized, meaning that they resonated with the white population rather than the blacks. Hence, the concept of creating a parenting magazine especially for the black audience came into being. Furthermore, this idea was clubbed with African and Indian culture, and how it can be adopted by modern parents. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Introduction

  2. Targeting the Black Audience

  3. The Concept of Relatability

  4. Growing the Brand

  5. Digitalizing the Brand

  6. Conclusion

Case Study Questions Answers

All stages of pregnancy, starting from pre-pregnancy to giving birth, important information for new parents, being parents of toddlers, children with special needs, and working moms and dads were covered in the magazine. Furthermore, current problems faced by parents like when to introduce their children to technology, induction, and other issues which are discussed verbally but aren’t documented, were also discussed in the magazine. Pictures of black pregnant models were used on the front page, to make the magazine more appealing for the black audience. Hence, it can be said that the magazine provided a complete guide to parents who wanted to be prepared before having children or were struggling to be good parents (Mamas & Papas, 2021).  

2. Targeting the Black Audience

Before creating Mamas & Papas, Motlekar identified the absence of parenting magazines that were targeted towards black parents. Parenting styles differ widely between black and white audiences, due to the cultural and racial differences that existed between them. Research suggests that black parents have a more authoritative style of parenting, and promote more self-independence in their children (McMurty, 2013). Furthermore, the overall cultural difference between both races cannot be ignored, and while 75% of the total population was black, the wide variety of parental magazines available were for white parents. Hence, Motlekar saw an unmet need and wanted to capitalize on it, while also replenishing her need for helping her community and enhance her passion for parenting. 

While conducting research before the launch, the target audience was responsive to the idea of having a black parenting magazine. Also, another insight that was uncovered was the absence of a parenting book for fathers, as most magazines were particularly targeted towards motherhood. Respondents of the focus group found the magazine to be relatable, relevant and focused on current problems which black parents face. It also resonated with black parents due to the cover picture of the magazine having dark-skinned models. 

3. The Concept of Relatability

Brands are constantly trying to be more personal and relatable with their target audience. Rather than spreading one uniform message across the board, brands are trying to reach out and understand their customers, in attempt to transforming their brands as a necessity in their consumers’ daily lives. Brands are trying out innovative ways to connect with their customers emotionally, to resonate the brand with the customer’s way of thinking. This new concept has also increased the popularity of influencer marketing, and given rise to social media influencers, who promote lifestyle content and brands through the concept of relatability (Glucksman, 2017). Hence, with regards to this concept, the brand was highly appealing to the target audience in terms of relatability and relevancy. The front page of the magazine consisted of headings with relatable content, which can pique the curiosity of parents and can possibly urge them to purchase the magazine. 

4. Growing the Brand

Undoubtedly, digital media is the future. The print media industry is in the decline phase, and a vast amount of reading content is now available online. In order to expand the growth of her brand, Motlekar should consider stepping into the digital world and transform her brand into an e-magazine.

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