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Infrastructure Finance The Sydney Cross City Tunnel Case Solution

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The Sidney cross-city tunnel is a 2.1-kilometer-long twin tunnel that was first envisioned by Canada's Ministry of Transportation in the year 2000. The goal of this project was to enhance traffic flow in the nation by increasing the country's road infrastructure. It is important to undertake feasibility studies to determine whether the project is viable in terms of benefits and obstacles that may arise during execution, as well as the best feasible solutions. Funders use feasibility studies while making investment decisions. The Sydney Cross City Tunnel is the subject of this study, which examines its viability and financial viability (Ho & Pretorius, 2007).

Case Analysis for Infrastructure Finance The Sydney Cross City Tunnel Case Solution

Identifying the key external influences that might affect the project at any level is a macro study. External factors interfering with the construction of the Sidney Cross City Tunnel include those related to technology, politics, the economy, and social conditions. There is a tendency for these forces to take control of the running bodies (Ho & Pretorius, 2007). Analyzing the present condition of the technology enabling the project's implementation is a necessary first step in the technical environment study. During the execution of the project, the evaluation is focused on assessing the utilization of inputs, processes, outputs, fields, programs, and procedures. A project's success is determined by determining if the organization operating the project has the necessary equipment and experience, as well as competent individuals, to properly execute it (Osei-Kyei & Chan, 2015).

The success or failure of a project may also be determined by analyzing the legal and political structure of the states. The success of a project is hindered by poor political will in the nation, while good political will encourages and supports the project's success. To be effective, the strategy and organization must be constantly re-evaluated in light of external influences. The legality of the situation Analyzes the proposed system to see whether it violates any legal requirements. Analyzing the economic climate requires A company's profitability is based on the cost of labor, material costs, overhead expenditures, capital investment, the availability of credit, stability-inflation growth, and cyclical activity as well as forecasting abilities, foreign currency, competition, and tariff rates. As a general rule, projects that need a substantial amount of procurement are riskier than those that don't (Nile, 2006).

The type of products and services needed during the execution of the project is one of the important elements affecting the feasibility and financial sustainability of the project. Products and services with a higher dollar value may be distinguished from those with lower dollar values. The danger is inversely proportional to the value. Financial visibility is further impacted by demand levels for the services needed, economic conditions, the elasticity of the labor market, profit margin, and maturity term for the project (Department of Planning (NSW), 2005).

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