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The article discusses the advancement in technology that has entirely changed the way hospitals operate. It refers to the ease of exchanging information used for quick decision making important to the agility of an organization and its processes. As there is a vast amount of data available in hospitals; the systems must be developed as such that it is easy to extract out information in a correct, reliable, useful and a timely manner. Hence, they have started using Business Intelligence Systems which provide related benefits. The major research area or problem is to evaluate and analyze the maturity of BIS and its influences along with the impacts on decision making of hospitals. The methodology of the research was to collect the opinions of people through questionnaires. The sample was mostly clinical and administrative people who had to take decisions at some point by using BIS (Shen, Chang, Hsu, & Chang, 2016).

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  2. Primary Topic

  3. Summary / Findings

Case Analysis for Journal Article Critique

2. Primary Topic

According to the literature, Reid (2015) pointed out that by using BIS, hospitals can develop good policies using the enormous data that they have to improve efficiency. Some studies have previously focused on the benefits and the making of the BIS while some researchers have only dedicated their work to the maturity and the impact of the level of BIC. There are many indicators through which hospitals can be judged against i.e. survival rates of patients, infection rate while taking care of them, service volume of patients, attending to the patients on time and so on. These indicators can be traced using the BIS to reach to the cause of a problem and any sentinel issue.  

Popovic (2009) talked about the maturity of BIS and thus concluded that the information system which is of a good quality will influence the decision making quality as well. In this study done by Shen, Chang, Hsu, & Chang (2016) the addition to the previous research is that of users' satisfaction and usage of Business Information Technology to study further how technology has played a role in decision making. A theoretical Framework has been developed using variables such as BIS maturity, medical information quality, user satisfaction, BIS use, and medical decision quality. 

3. Summary / Findings

The instrument used for collecting data was a questionnaire that had two parts. In the initial part, the current scenario has been assessed in hospitals of BIS and the demographics have been included. The questions are usually based on the existing knowledge of BIS implementation and use. The second part consists of the questions based on the constructs to hospitals that use BIS by shortlisting them through short telephone calls. A Likert scale was developed ranging from 1 to 5. The questionnaires were sent out using mail in the time period of April to June 2015. A total of 158 respondents were studied, and the majority of the age of the sample was 31-40 years. The respondents included physicians, nurses, technical staff and other administrative workers. Softwares like SPSS 20 and SmartPLS 2.0 were used to analyze the data. Validity and reliability were used through Cronbach Alpha, CR, and AVE. A set of hypotheses were developed as shown in Appendix A. From the findings; it could be seen that the quality of medical information was influenced significantly by the maturity of the BIS. Only five hypotheses were supported which showed that they had a significant relationship with the other variables. 

The article, therefore, confirms that the relationships of BIS maturity and quality of information, decision making, usage, user satisfaction, all are interlinked and thus are supported even by the literature. Hence, the results are consistent and reliable. Also, it must be noted that the BIS is used differently by different people in the administration Technology used by hospitals ranges from the wireless flow of information to technological systems which can be used for a greater decision making so as to reduce malpractices and lead to the more comprehensive care of patients. As the information is available online to everyone, chances of incomplete information among the administration and information asymmetry are less. The usage of BIS is currently in its early stages as NHI is more commonly used especially in Taiwanese hospitals. Lao, this article does not talk about the recent upgradation of technology that can be used by hospitals such as ERP systems and others (Mathi, 2016). 

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