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Kipp Houston Public School Case Solution

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Currently, KIPP Houston Public Schools operate as a network of chartered schools that are individually managed with a relative degree of diversification in terms of management strategies and curriculum design and management as its corporate strategy (Griffin, 2007). 

While the international strategy for KIPPs’ is multi-domestic with 31 regional KIPP organizations in 20 states and the Columbia District. KIPP had long-term plans of expansion in the Houston Region with the “KIPP Turbo” growth plan, which aimed to have 42 MIPP schools in the Houston region by 2017, which has been decelerated to having 50 schools in Houston by 2033 due to lack of funding and cut off education spent by Texas State Legislature post the Great Recession in 2011.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Strategic Issues

  3. Recommendations

Case Analysis for Kipp Houston Public School Case Solution

KIPP Houston can be identified as having an integrated low-cost and differentiated strategic approach when it comes to its business-level strategy (Bailey, Mankin, Kelliher, & Garavan, 2018), where it is trying to stay low-cost by keeping the operational expenses under control and being frugal with its facilities which focusing on elevating the quality of education it provides.

2. Strategic Issues

Currently, the strategic issues being faced by KIPP Houston can be classified as follows:

  1. Lack of Curriculum Alignment: Lack of curriculum alignment is one of the strategic problems faced by KIPP schools, which stems from the diversification in management strategies and curriculum design and management across the school network. 

  2. Management Strategy Non-alignment: The non-alignment of management strategy in the individual schools in the KIPP Houston Public schools’ network is another key strategic management issue being faced by KIPP Houston’s Network, which gives rise to other issues. This non-alignment in management strategy gives autonomy to the leaders, which is reflected in the teachers to some extent in the form of curriculum control, which besides increasing their work burden, also gives rise to lack of effective communication due to unclear division of responsibilities. 

  3. Attrition Issue: KIPPs’ network is facing a high attrition rate in its teachers. This may be caused due to long working hours inclusive of their 10-hour daily work commitment besides the additional hours the teachers put on the weekends and in the evenings to assess the students’ work and plan upcoming lessons due to lack of curriculum alignment and shared resources (Rees & French, 2016). Another reason for high attrition can be employee dissatisfaction due to the lack of effective communication, as indicated by the pulse survey of 2013.

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