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MbyQ, being a cleaning and maintenance company, was expanded not just to provide the conventional cleaning functions to customers, but also sought to differentiate itself from the competitors by giving the service of an iPad attached to the wall with a dashboard to function as an online portal platform depicting the tasks, the operators, tasks completed etc. The idea was primarily to ensure transparency in otherwise a very traditional work domain. With a unique service offering, MbyQ has different customer segment opportunities to utilize. Based on that, this analysis will look at the customers of MbyQ, its strengths, and weaknesses, the possible potential to utilize existing customer segments, competitors, how to utilize technology effectively, etc.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. MbyQ’s strengths and weaknesses

  3. MbyQ’s current customers

  4. MbyQ’s potential customers

  5. MbyQ in the light of Porter’s five forces model

  6. Tailored technology adoption

  7. Conclusion

Case Analysis for Managed By Q

2. MbyQ’s strengths and weaknesses

MbyQ has myriad strengths which have helped the company to effectively differentiate itself in the cleaning and maintenance category. The provision of services in the category was problematic due to the lack of transparency, which was a cause of dissatisfaction. But MbyQ created transparency in its functions through the installation of wall mounted iPad with a dashboard which could be used by the office managers to monitor the tasks completed, the cleaners, request services and even provide feedback for quality assurance. An app was also developed for the cleaners to provide a customized task list and enable communication with not just MbyQ but also the customer's office managers. This technology was effective in ensuring quality service. The quality of service is also a strength as the workers are trained before they are hired. The employees are also competitively compensated and given benefits, including vacations as well. The helpers earned $20 per hour, the handymen earned $40-$45 per hour, and the cleaning operators earned $12.5 per hour.

The weakness of MbyQ is primarily the lengthy and multifold hiring procedure, which also involves training of workers. This lapse of time prevents MbyQ from expanding its operational base quickly.

3. MbyQ’s current customers

The current customers of MbyQ are primarily well-established companies. This cleaning and maintenance company caters to the premium segment of the market by not only providing superior services and employing technology to aid the otherwise mundane and conventional process but also having a higher price of the service thus effectively distinguishing itself for the premium market segment. The offices of MbyQ are mainly in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, so that market for MbyQ's service is centered in these three cities. Furthermore, the customers of MbyQ are classified as companies having six thousand to twenty thousand square feet of space in class B and C commercial buildings and typically have around fifty to one hundred and fifty employees in a single location. More implicitly, the MbyQ's current customers are those open to technology and digitalization of conventional services for greater control and access to achieve a better quality of service.

4. MbyQ’s potential customers

MbyQ has a massive potential to expand its customer segment. With the characteristic of providing superior service quality in the cleaning and maintenance category, MbyQ can further offer its services to other segments, which can conveniently be classified into two sub divisions, namely the unserved and the underserved. The unserved segment includes the market which is not served by MbyQ, for example, houses, smaller startups, etc. and these can hence be the company's potential customers. The underserved segment involves the existing customer base. MbyQ can expand the portfolio of services offered and thereby provide a wide range of them, to the existing customer base. The company is currently serving less than 1 percent of the target audience, and the remaining 99 percent is a potential customer for MbyQ. 

5. MbyQ in the light of Porter’s five forces model

Porter's five forces model is a framework which includes the threat of new entrants, buyer power, supplier power, alternative substitutes available, and finally the competitors. There is a very open and easy entry as most service companies have very few employees typically. 

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