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Marriott Rooms Forecasting Case Solution

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This phenomenon is shown especially well by the Marriott International hotel chain, which is a particularly notable example. J. Willard Marriott established the company in 1927, and ever since then, it has striven to become a global franchisor and create a variety of establishments all over the globe. This company has been successful in both maintaining its singular brand in an industry that is notoriously cut-throat and in acquiring new customers by delivering exceptional services to the ones it already has. Without a shadow of a doubt, the hotel chain that has the widest range of properties and is present in most countries is Marriott International Inc., which has over 6000 properties spread out throughout more than 120 countries. Because of this specific component, the hotel is now able to participate in strategic management across all its franchised and other licensed facilities which are in different parts of the globe.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. What should Marriott do with that request? 

  2. Should they accept the reservation or reject it? And why? 

  3. What should the general over-booking threshold be for the hotel? In other words, at what point should the manager reject reservations? 

Case Study Questions Answers

1. What should Marriott do with that request? 

According to the case study, even if a hotel room is vacant for only one night, the money that it would have brought in for that day is gone for good. This is the truth even if the room is vacant for several nights. When it comes to the hospitality industry, making full use of available space is a big obstacle that every organization that wants to be successful has to confront head-on. As a direct result of this, hotels should put the requirements and preferences of their guests ahead of everything else in their operation. When a guest of the Marriott hotel makes a reservation at the front desk, they are not notified that the hotel is completely booked and there are no more rooms available. This is a result of the consequence of the sentence that came before this one. The fact that guests who had made reservations but did not show up produced a substantial amount of friction for the hotel, which may seem like a minor problem at first glance. However, the case study indicates that this was a big problem. 

This became a significant source of anxiety for the hotel staff. It is quite rare for people to phone ahead and cancel their reservations, particularly when they do so in such proximity to the time that they are scheduled to arrive. Some guests would check out of their rooms sooner than planned, while others would leave the hotel before the conclusion of their original reservation. This is a clear indicator that Marriott hotels are having problems effectively managing their capacity as a direct result of this issue. The recommendation request that was made should be reviewed at the Marriott hotel, in my opinion, to ensure that capacity management is handled in the most effective manner possible. According to the findings of the case study, the organisation should put a high premium on producing an accurate estimate of the number of rooms that will be required very shortly. 

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