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MediSys Corp The IntensCare Product Development Team

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The case study is based on the issues that were faced by the renowned medical equipment manufacturing company, Medisys Corp. the company allocated 500,000 US dollars for designing and developing IntensCare products. The company has nearly an employee count of 1750. According to the Medisys product development system, right from its inception, the company has been following a sequence of operations in the development of its product which also forms the baseline of information exchanged and received. 

The company faced some hard days when they were not able to launch their product of IntensCare with succession. A huge sum of investment was done on this launch. However, this case study primarily focuses on the blunders and miscalculations that were done by the team of Medisys Corp. However, to get a positive and productive evaluation, the IntensCare team needs to conduct an immediate team goal-setting session, and also the change of work culture should have a better implemented so that the company could do better. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. How well is the IntensCare Product Development Team performing?

  2. How much teamwork do you think there was prior to the formal introduction of teams?

  3. What forces are affecting the IntensCare team’s behavior, culture, and outcome?

  4. Are people motivated to do all that they can to work together? Why not? 

  5. How is information exchanged and received?

  6. How do team members from different functions coordinate their efforts?

  7. How is team members evaluated?

Case Study Questions Answers

1. How well is the IntensCare Product Development Team performing?

Medisys Corp is a private medical equipment manufacturer in the United States and was founded in the year 2002. This corporation initially faced many problems to rise and shine but they overcome and the company came up with better performance with every passing year. It was noted that in the year 2008 the annual revenue generated by the corporation was 400 million US dollars which is a massive sum of money. For the progress and development of any company the main focus and hard work is of the backstage performers that are the workers of the company. They play a considerable role and work as a team to maintain the integrity of the corporation and work for the better days of the company. Here to an estimation 1750 employees are serving their company with great zeal and motivation. The team performing of the Medisys Corp plays a vital role in the progression of the company. A company is usually admired and recognized for its work culture. Most of the employees compromise on low stipends if the work culture of the company is comforting hence Medisys Corp nails this aspect. 

The company faced a tough challenge when the IntensCare products were to be launched but later on, they recovered. The entrepreneurial culture encourages thinking and ideas in new ways that can add innovations to the system in the best possible way. Every employee is allowed to put forward their ideas because there can be any sudden click that can be very handy for the progress of the company. When the employees are exposed to such type of culture, they gain self-confidence and apart from their collective development they also get a chance for their personal growth. Hence, the team works collectively and appreciates innovations in their company which always comes up with much more productive results than before and adds a more positive response to the performance of the IntensCare Product Developing team.

2. How much teamwork do you think there was before the formal introduction of teams?

The prime objective of Medisys

Care was to develop medical types of equipment that could be feasible in intense care which was based on a new medical system to monitor intensive care for the patients and could bring a positive change and revolution in the world of medicine. To continue there this motive, they invested very heavily in the modern medical pieces of equipment for intensive care. For all this work they needed a strong and efficient team to provide their goals a practical face. They were working eagerly on their plan. The market was also impatiently waiting for their discoveries. 

Everything was going according to the plan till now there no formal introduction of the team. Everyone had only one motive to bring about progress for their company and the world of medicine but later on as the connections were increasing and the company size was expanding there came a need to formally classify the teams and assign their particular tasks. This is where the entire problem took roots. It was noticed that before this formal introduction of the team, they were receiving heavy and pragmatic teamwork. Soon when the classification was made the problem grew to a much higher level. The product development team which was presenting several functional areas of the company has a great sense of responsibility on their shoulders and as the eyes of the market and buyers were focused on the new products that were supposed to be launched. Hence, they were eagerly waiting for this innovation. 

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