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Medical Equipment Inc in Saudi Arabia Case Solution

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2641 1409 Words (5 Pages) Joerg Dietz, Ankur Grover, Laura Guerrero Ivey Publishing : 907C42
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This case study explains how a non-Arab employee such as Ankur Grover faces issues in his job at Medical Equipment Inc. due to the difficulty of adjusting to the Saudi culture. Medical Equipment Inc. has its headquarters situated in the UK and is recognized as the industry leader in the healthcare sector. Despite its innovative products, it is not given a breakthrough deal by Al Humaidi, the purchasing director of Prince Khalid Specialist Hospital. The reason for this is the cordial relations between Al Humaidi and Hamad Najjar, which made Hamad Najjar to bribe Al Humaidi easily. Now Grover has the option to either bribe him or look for an alternate solution to convince Al Humaidi to give the subjected deal to Medical Equipment Inc. rather than the Wilson’s. Since, bribery is against the code of conduct at the Medical Equipment, Grover must choose an ethical strategy to win the deal.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Does Grover understand the local culture?

  2. Grover considers the option of sending Al Humaidi to a Medical Equipment showroom in France or the United States. How does that compare to paying Al Humaidi a bribe?

  3. What should Grover do now? Why?

Case Analysis for Medical Equipment Inc in Saudi Arabia Case Solution

1. Does Grover understand the local culture?

Even though Grover had a strong engineering background to convince others about how Medical Equipment’s Solution could be utilized in the hospital’s system, he clearly did not understand the Saudi culture. He was misunderstood that since he was brought up in Saudi Arabia, he would probably have a good understanding of its culture. However, in reality, he was far away from the deep, embedded roots of the Saudi culture. He was born in India, and his family belonged to a Hindu background which signifies that he could not relate with the religious beliefs or the cultural traditions of the Saudis. He lived in a small compound during all of his childhood which meant that he did not really experience the true Saudi culture and had limited contact with the Saudis. He also moved to the United States for his bachelor’s degree and did internships located in France and Atlanta. Even though his experience in the Medical Equipment prepared him to work well in his job, he could not understand the Saudi culture because of the lack of physical and emotional contact with it. 

While making the deal, Grover took the wrong turn as he was not familiar with the cordial relations Al Humaidi and Hamad Najjar. If he had known about it, he would have not wasted his time on building relations with people such as the foreign cardiologist, the Egyptian biomedical engineer, and the purchasing manager, etc. Little did she know, building a rapport with Asif Sultan was of no benefit to him because the most important person to deal with was Al Humaidi. 

When it comes to business dealings, the authoritarian personalities affiliate themselves with those whom they can trust easily. Since Grover was a non-Arab and a non-Muslim, the cultural and religious differences made Al Humaidi to not trust Grover. On the other side, Hamad Najjar was an Arab, and he was in close contact with Al Humaidi in the past, which made dealings with him easier and smoother.

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