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Mission Impossible Measuring Social Media Return on Investment Case Solution

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Harry Dresden, a digital strategist at Online Advertisers, is faced with a task to find a niche in the highly competitive social media industry. Measuring the effectiveness and impact of the social media campaign in numeric values and its success was a key issue faced by the firm. This was because the unpredictability of the availability of internet users. Other companies were able to present numeric values despite of the calculation precision being a great issue; their presentations were based on unscientific research. Harry had to present an offering to clients a value proposition that was different.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Problem Statement

  2. Purpose / Objective

  3. Alternative Solutions

  4. Recommended Solution

  5. Action Steps

Case Study Questions Answers

2. Purpose / Objective

i. Short-Term Goal

The short term objective of Online Advertisers was to analyze in depth the social media campaigns and their success. Moreover, factors contributing to this success also needed to be evaluated, and their share in effectiveness needed to be analyzed. 

ii. Long-Term Goal

The long-term goals of the company are focused towards providing clients with a value proposition that is something other than the “magic formula” other competitors are using as their sales pitch. With this, the company must lure in clients with a pitch that was not data-driven or based on analytics. 

3. Alternative Solutions

The company needs to devise a value proposition for clients that are not data-driven; hence the following two solutions can be presented. 

i. Solution # 1 – Focus on the increase in brand awareness rather than return on investment
  • Pros – Focus would not be on return per dollar spent; rather it would be on the brand awareness through the social media platforms. 

  • Cons – Companies would need some data as support for their spending i.e. returns that are measurable. Online Advertisers would need to position its offering in accordance with that. 

ii. Solution # 2 – Present ROI figures calculated without taking into account the accuracy
  • Pros – This would help in presenting the impact of the social marketing in numeric terms. This return on investment will be used to compare the investment made in different mediums for advertisement. 

  • Cons – The differentiating factor would not be created since other firms also offer inaccurate ROI figures to attract companies

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