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Money Cash Flow Inc HR Analytics Applied To Employee Retention And Well Being Issues A

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2173 732 Words (4 Pages) Michel Cossette, Gabrielle Reyburn HEC Montreal Centre for Case Studies : HEC162
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So case basically explains the situation of a fast-growing Canadian insurance company –Money Cash Flow Inc. where they are facing the problem related to Employee turnover at its Montreal Call Center department. The call center department is very much crucial to the company as it created the bridge between the company and the clients. Many customer complaints were receiving in terms of getting impatient and irritable with the clients and employees were less inclined to provide sufficient and correct information to clients and that thing was interfering with the company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Problem

  2. Training, officer environment, and Compensation Plans at Money Cash Flow Inc

  3. Compensation Plans

  4. Action Plan to retain Employees

Case Study Questions Answers

Moving towards the company’s objective which is to maintain a strong relationship with the clients and that’s possible when the agents complete their queries but as the employees are not paying full attention and that led senior management to take some actions and identify the factors that are leading employees to leave the company very soon and impose an action plan to retain the employees. 

2. Training, officer environment, and Compensation Plans at Money Cash Flow Inc

Training and Office Environment

MCF being a leading Canadian financial services company is offering their employees extensive trainings in order to train them to deal with the clients. According to the MCF, the call center agents are at the heart of its Chief asset. The company is all about guiding clients to prepare financial plans so it’s necessary for an agent to have the necessary skills and knowledge before starting on it. The company is investing a lot of money on training Call center agents and there are currently three hundred and ten call center agents in employees. 

Apart from training, MCF Company has designed their office environment as comfortable in order to facilitate their employees, like the company has invested around $2 million in furniture and equipment. As the call-center job is all about sitting at one place and attending calls due to that the company has made break rooms where agents can relax and take rest after so many hectic calls.

3. Compensation Plans

Every employee needs some security after joining the company as their work performance is closely tied with the benefits and the security plans they will receive from the company. So the most important part for the Human resources department is to carefully design the compensation plans for employees.

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