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Munchiez Food Truck Entrepreneurship Strategic Decision Making And Sustainability Case Solution

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Munchies Food Truck faced a number of challenges throughout its course of operations. These included the fact that the students were the ones that were involved in managing the business and they were the ones who evaluated their peers, hence resulting in limited creativity or out of the box thinking which would be possible if people from different backgrounds and experience levels would be overlooking the business. Also, the food truck would record a decline in sales during harsh weather. The limited timings due to Sudexo’s exclusive right to operate solely in the given hours together with the presence in just one out of the locations of the campus. Lastly, it was able to accept limited forms of payment, which also acted as a barrier towards its sustainable success.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Problem Solving Choices for Organization and how it will affect the Organization's learning

  3. Paradigm-Breaking Creative Problem-Solving Techniques to Address Organizational Challenges for enhancing Forecasting and Preparedness 

  4. Conclusion 

Case Analysis for Munchiez Food Truck Entrepreneurship Strategic Decision Making And Sustainability Case Solution

2. Problem Solving Choices for Organization and how it will affect the Organization's learning

There are a number of techniques that Munchies Food Truck can use to overcome the problems faced. Problem-solving comes into use in challenging situations, and the use of a well-structured process can be particularly helpful in decision making (Simon, et al.,1987). Out of the many challenges faced by the business, the major problem is the restricted business environment in terms of weather, location, and timings, which have the potential to reduce business sales. Hence, the solution must ensure that these aspects are accounted for. To compensate for the limited time of operation and presence in one location, Munchies Food Truck can come up with a unique idea of having a music facility. The students would buy food from there at midnight and late-night hours. A music facility would help it differentiate from Sudexo as the students would consider Munchies a hangout spot where they can chill listening to music with strict COVID 19 SOPs being followed and at the same time have quality food and snacks.

Secondly, to be able to spread its presence across both the locations of the university, Munchies Food Truck can conduct a survey to gather the number of students who would be willing to get food and snacks in Manchester. Once the expected demand numbers will be in hand, Munchies would be in a better position to decide if the permit costs incurred would be covered by the business revenue in the Manchester Campus (Kalchschmidt, 2012). As far as timing constraint is concerned, Munchies can revise its menu and include those items that students like to have a late-night, including coffee, pizza, etc. but focus more on sweet dishes. This can be a new opportunity for the business as, after the dinner timings, they would be more inclined to have sweet items to fulfil their desert cravings. Hence, this would be a sustainable way for the business to move forward.

Furthermore, hiring a general manager would be a good option as he would be solely responsible for overlooking the business, unlike the students who have studies going on as well and therefore fail to provide complete attention to the business. In this way, any bottlenecks like credit card machine fault and technicalities to implement Pen Men Cash Payment System will be easier as the manager will be making use of his expertise and experience to bring about efficiency in the business.

Talking about organizational learning, such choices will help Munchies Food Truck better analyse its sales revenue potential in both the campus locations and hence allow it to make a decision that would amplify its profits. The hiring of a general manager would ensure that the students are in their shifts timely, which would increase business productivity. The experience and skill set of the manager can be further used to manage the culinary and the business student’s creativity in a way that would be to the best of their potential.

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