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NoBull Burger

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NoBull is a Charlottesville-based vegetarian burger producer. After gaining popularity, NoBull witnessed that its current production could not keep pace with growing demand. NoBull has a competitive advantage with respect to its homemade process of creating burgers. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. What is the desired goal? Use measurable targets (objectives) (e.g., reduce the processing time by 10%, reduce wait-time by 10 minutes, reduce defects rate to 0.1%, increase capacity by 10%, increase output rate by 20%).

Case Study Questions Answers

Thus, it was easy to differentiate NoBull from others. As NoBull expanded to other markets than Charlottesville, which resulted in an increment of sales by 65% per quarter. However, limited working capital and production capacity proved to be a cause of concern for the management. The desired goal of NoBull was to expand and establish its brand into metropolitan areas, targeting not only consumers but also retailers and restaurants. Doing so not only requires operational capacity, but also investments in terms of marketing and strong working capital to handle day-to-day operations. This posed a serious challenge to the NoBull. NoBull must work to increase its operational capacity by 65%. As it is already working on its operational efficiency, and sales are increasing on average by 65% per quarter, so it needs to increase its operational capacity to cater increase in sales.

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