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Enels Innovability Global Open Innovation And Sustainability Case Solution

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The ambition of sourcing knowledge / technology from a distant country revolved around collecting input from different parts of the world to lead the energy transition towards a more sustainable future. With the objective of building a bridge to the proposed ecosystem of potential partners at the global level and to open up Enel to the world, they created an international network of “Innovation Hub”. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Why would a multinational company like Enel go to a distant country to source knowledge / technology?

  2. Why is there a need for open innovation in the energy sector?

  3. How did ENEL adopt open innovation?

Case Study Questions Answers

This helped them expedite the process of innovation through specific strengths of these locations - Tel Aviv, for example, was innovation-driven. San Francisco and Boston on the other hand enabled them to get their hands-on digital technology. Whereas Madrid’s strength lied in offering solutions against energy efficiency, smart cities & renewable energy. 

2. Why is there a need for open innovation in the energy sector?

As Francesco quoted that with a bombardment of technology & evolving business models, the entire value chain is changing drastically and these changes are blurring the boundaries between the energy sector and other industrial sectors such as Transport, Telecommunications & Chemicals. Secondarily, amidst growing competition and sustainability goals partly defined by the UN framework for climate change & its incentives. The culture of open innovation has become a key element for survival. For example, innovation in renewable energy sources enabled the sector to successfully decrease PV module prices by 85% & 49% respectively for wind turbines.

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