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Performance Management Leadership At Henrys Commercial Sales And Leasing

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According to Chandler’s theory, an organization’s structure can be built for good, or evil. Implementing a 360-degree performance review mechanism within a good structure will boost the culture, while also improving the performance of employees. However, the critical point is that the strategy, culture, and structure must be aligned in a way to garner fruitful results from the 360-degree performance review. 

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For example, as highlighted in one of the evil structures, if the culture is polluted with internal politics, and the structure is influenced by individual personalities, then the 360-review would probably be biased, and would not reflect the true performance of an individual (Aguinis, 2013) (Chandler, 2014). 

Aguinis describes coaching as an ongoing collaborative process conducted between the managers and their subordinates. Regular coaching yields improved performance and motivates the employee to do better at their work. Feedback is a key component in the coaching process, and involves giving information about past performance, with the goal of improving future performance. This information includes both negative and positive aspects of job performance, while also letting employees understand the expectations of their performance and how well they are doing (Aguinis, 2013). For chandler, coaching and feedback is incorporated in a good organizational structure. A good organizational structure enables collaboration between employees, which enables regular coaching and feedback between managers and employees (Chandler, 2014). 

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