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NVIDIA Winning The Deep Learning Leadership Battle Case Solution

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NVIDIA, a firm that through its ability to leverage technology has gained first movers advantage in the production of GPU and has managed to stay ahead of the competition. The firm’s underlying strength stemmed from its ability to innovate in a fast-paced environment of Artificial Intelligence, to adapt to evolving demands of its customer base, and to instill a quick decision-making mechanism. However, with the urge to reach to market first, NVIDIA struggled to often make commercial sense out of its decisions and didn’t allocate adequate resources to reviewing its products. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Customers

  3. Competitors: Overview

  4. AI Enablers

  5. Recommendations

Case Analysis for NVIDIA Winning The Deep Learning Leadership Battle Case Solution

2. Customers

Often, the firm, like in the initial stages, goods were either placed at premium price points, making them unattainable for the consumer base, or were simply over-engineered to a point where the product contained benefits that consumers didn’t want. Moreover, as seen with the case of Xbox, the firm was culpable of making faulty products incurring losses. Analyzing the customer base, it can be said that the firm operates in a B2B category whereby its main focus is on providing to other businesses. 

3. Competitors: Overview

The bigger firms such as Microsoft and Sony rely on outsourcing their components to companies such as NVIDIA with greater expertise in the area from the customer base. Whilst the world of technology comes with an abundance of opportunities, there is cut-throat competition in the industry which means that the firm must remain on the top of its game. Its biggest source of competition stemmed from ATI, a firm that was strengthened post its merger with AMD. In addition to big players, small players such as Gigapixel that could provide cost-effective solutions to customers also threatened NVIDIA’s success. Furthermore, firms such as Google that wanted to enter the world of AI were also posing their own threats. Thus, with the wider acceptability of AI in various streams such as medicine, engineering, business, and finance the firm must align its product offerings to cater to the future needs of customers. 

4. AI Enablers

In order to oust competition, NVIDIA thus resorted to Artificial Intelligence to enhance its value proposition to existing and potential customers. As seen with the case of ImageNet, AI’s contribution to improving image recognition put the company on the map.

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