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EdX Strategies For Higher Education Case Solution

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One of the major issue faced by MOOC provides was that as compared to traditional pedagogic practice, the collaboration between faculty and students was infrequent, and peer to peer interaction was minimal, despite considering collaboration as one of key principles. MOOC should introduce features that could encourage collaboration, and provide an online learning environment similar to traditional classrooms.

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MOOC providers should attempt to create a balance by encouraging students to view lectures of their own university teachers. Another problem was that MOOC providers could not effectively implement the open source model due to limited reach to at-risk/needy students. MOOCs should collaborate with government, so that funds to educational institutions having greater access to needy students could be provided. These universities can then fund needy students to meet their IT needs so that they could avail the services offered by MOOC providers like edX. Moreover, MOOC providers should include faculty committees into governing committee to resolve their concerns and minimize behavioral resistance from their side. 

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