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Porter Airlines A Political Fight for Flight Case Solution

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Stakeholder is a person or an organization/firm having an interest in a particular organization/firm. Activities, mission and policies of a company are altered according to the preferences of the stakeholders in order to keep their support with the company’s management. Stakeholders can affect business decisions in a positive way as well as negative way. Robert Deluce started working on Porter Airlines project to revolutionize Canadian airline system in 2001. However, project implementation highly depended upon the satisfaction of several stakeholders affected by the project of Porter Airlines.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Toronto Port Authority (TPA)

  2. City of Toronto Council (CTC)

  3. Minister of Transport

  4. Non Governmental Organizations and Media

Porter Airlines A Political Fight for Flight Case Analysis

1. Toronto Port Authority (TPA)

Toronto port and city airport were controlled by Toronto port authority and acted as an independent government body regulating the operations at the designated sites. TPA offered a subsidy of $1 million for the airport which was planned to be ceased in future. Porter airline has to have a deal with this authority reaffirming its profitability in order to maintain sound relationship with TPA.  

2. City of Toronto Council (CTC)

Robert Deluce has to deal with the political biasness towards corporate ventures such as Porter airlines. CTC is a body of city councillors interested in social and environmental protection projects rather than economically beneficial projects. Porter airline has to present itself as a socially viable project to gain some acceptance from CTC stakeholders.

3. Minister of Transport

Approval by the ministry of transport is mandatory to run an airline in Canada, and it is important to take this department of the federal government in consideration. Robert Deluce has to present the airline proposal in such a way that it makes a prominent impression among a number of other projects pending.

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