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Pricing PatientPing Case Solution

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2229 369 Words (3 Pages) Frank V. Cespedes, Julia Kelley, Amram Migdal Harvard Business School : 818017
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In the new normal environment, PatientPing’s services have become more valuable as PatientPing would help in tracking the situation of most critical covid-19 patients in real-time. It would help hospitals, SNFs, and Care Givers prepare for any emergency situations. However, the sales process of PatientPing has to be transformed to adapt to the new normal.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. How to optimize sales process and sales team for new customer acquisition in “new normal” environment? 

  2. How to improve pricing structure to accelerate expansion? 

  3. What should the pricing strategy for existing customers, based on example of “care givers”?

Case Study Questions Answers

Previously, the sales process included multiple physical meetings with the contact person and decision-maker, which is not possible in the current times. To adapt to the changing times, PatientPing has to shift its sales pitch and meeting to the virtual mode whereby it can also design a video to show the use and utility of PatientPing to potential clients. 

2. How to improve pricing structure to accelerate expansion? 

The ideal pricing structure for PatientPing in the current situation is a mixture of Per User and Per Feature pricing structures. By combining these two pricing elements in its pricing structure, PatientPing will be ideal as it will not overload the system and the clients would not limit the pings to critical patients only, thus saving lives that could be in potential danger.

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